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We’re so excited to announce that Pipa had a baby! The Pipa Lite. And just like it sounds, it’s a lighter version of the Pipa. Now the really cool thing is they managed to make the Nuna Pipa even lighter, which is incredible. So the new Pipa Lite weighs in at 5.3 lbs, and that doesn’t include the canopy or the inserts – but it does make it the lightest car seat on the market, which is amazing! Now they didn’t change their weight limits, so it’s still 4 – 32 lbs, or 32 inches.

Now let’s talk about safety first. The Pipa Lite is going to come with the original Pipa base. So it does have this “load leg” – there is a crumple zone in here, so it’s gonna absorb that energy. Now it also has “rigid latch”. Now this is a true lock installation, that’s what Nuna calls it, which is awesome. This is gonna be 50% stronger than your typical latch with webbing. Now inside here, you also have – it’s steel reinforced frame. Now, in this seat, they offered memory foam in the head support. The really cool thing that they added in this seat is the use of EPP foam. Most car seats are actually made with EPS foam. The difference between the two is EPS is designed to absorb that energy by crumpling or breaking. EPP foam is designed to absorb that energy, squish, and then bounce back. The really cool thing that they did with the Lite is they actually fused the EPP foam to the frame. It offers a lot of flexibility, as you can see, so in the event of a car accident, it’s going to absorb that energy and divert it around your baby instead of them feeling those crash forces.

So, as we already talked about, super easy installation on that base. You also have this bubble indicator that’s gonna show you if it’s at the right level. They also added in these buckle pockets. They also added in here two separate infant inserts. So you have your head support and then you have your infant insert with the baby wedge. Now another thing is the additional latch guides that you get with your seat. The Nuna Pipa is one of the most compatible car seats on the market. So you can get adaptors for most strollers including Nuna, UPPAbaby, Cybex, Bugaboo, and Bumbleride.

So an awesome thing that they did is they made these fabrics completely flame retardant free. These are super soft, which is nice and cozy for your baby. The canopies are really nice, they’re UPF 50 . Now it’s offered in two different colors, so here you have fog, which is this beautiful heathered gray, and then you have ebony – and this is a little bit of a heathered black color, with your heathered gray insert.

Now these are GOTS certified organic cotton.

Because it’s so light, they did have to take off some features like a belt route. So you cannot install this seat without the base! Also, it’s not FAA approved, which means you can’t install it on an aircraft. Now they also have a rethread harness. Now this only has to be done three times throughout the baby’s life.

K, here are the things that we love about this seat! Obviously that it is so light-weight, especially when you add a baby in there, it can get pretty heavy. So I love that they started out with the super light weight. Now I also love their execution of the EPP foam, and fusing that with the frame – it just makes for an awesome energy-absorbing seat. Now the installation and safety features are unparalleled. They also offer these awesome fabrics that are super soft, they’re beautiful, and the separate inserts for customization was just really spot-on.

Now the Pipa Lite retails for $349.99.You can purchase here or online at, where we price match and ship for free. If you want to see a comparison on the Pipa Lite and the original Nuna Pipa, go check out our YouTube channel.


The Baby Cubby says:

Correction: The additional inserts are GOTS certified organic cotton.

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