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The Nuna Pipa infant car seat is currently one of the safest and lightest infant car seats on the market. Prior to installing the Pipa base activate the load leg and check the level. In order to activate the load leg, unfold it from the bottom of the base. Then place the base on the seat, and adjust the height of the load leg to touch the floor of your car. Indicated by the button changing to green, without raising the base off of the seat.
Then check your level indicators. If the bubble is not touching the line, you may need to flip out the level at the end of the base, if you do need to do this, unsnap it from the inside of the base and extend it. Now you are ready to install using rigid latch or a seat belt or both!
In order to install the Pipa using rigid latch, place the accompanying latch guides in front of the latch anchors located in your car, insert the rigid latch connectors into the guides and push until you hear a click and see the indicator on each latch turn green.
When using a car seat with rigid latch you are able to simultaneously use the seat belt to get an even more secure installation. To do this with the Pipa flip up and out the blue lock off, thread the shoulder and lap belts through, and click in, tighten, then flip the lock off back over to finish the installation. Check installation by grasping the base of the belt route and moving side to side and forward and back. With the Pipa it should not move at all if installed correctly. In order to release the Pipa from the base of the car seat press the grey trigger on the front of the car seat base, and lift up. The placement of this release is especially useful for if the Pipa is installed in smaller cars and there is not room to place your hand between the seat and the car seat.
In order to uninstall the base using the seat belt, open up the lock off, unclip the seat belt and then unthread it through the base. If you did not install the base using the latch system, you can close the lock off and remove the base.
If you did install using the latch system, you must now release the latch clips, it is easiest to do this by simultaneously squeezing the releases on the latch clips, while pushing forward, then pulling the base out and away from the latch anchors. You may then twist the latch clips back to store along side the base.
If you are not able to take the car seat base with you for some reason, the Pipa does feature a European belt route. Please note that you should only install the seat using this method if your car seat belts feature an automatic lock off system.
In order to install the Pipa using only a seat belt place the car seat snugly against the back of the seat. Level the Pipa using the line on the side of the car seat to be even with the floor of the car, then take the seat belt and thread the lap belt through the belt route at the foot of the car seat and click into place. Tighten the seat belt near the clip as much as possible, then take the shoulder strap and thread it around the car seat and through the European belt route, located at the back. Afterwards, activate the automatic lock off system in the car by pulling abruptly on the belt and ratcheting it into place. Check the installation by shaking the car seat near the lap belt side to side, and forwards and back. It should not move more than an inch in any direction.
When placing your child in the car seat it is important to make sure that they are buckled securely. Be certain that when they are being buckled, you place the chest clip at arm pit level.

Convenient features:
Infant insert
Dream Canopy
Handle bar (different positions)

For more information about choosing the perfect car seat for you and your little one visit and check out our car seat buying guide.


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