Nina Pipa vs Britax B Safe 35 Infant Car Seat Review with Twins| Mono Mono Twins

A HUGE thank you to the Garvey family for blessing us with the Britax seats and my family for the Nuna Pipa seats!

We actually use both sets since our girls LOVE to have BLOWOUTS at least once every few weeks and we have to hand wash the seats and let air dry so having another set in hand is a BLESSING like no other.

You can purchase these car seats below:
Retails for $299.99
Retails for $170.00-209.99

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Our twin MONO MONO girls were born at 28 weeks and spent 3 months in the NICU but are now doing wonderful! Praise the Lord for his blessing. Dakota came home on monitors and oxygen which is why she was hooked up to all those neat gadgets that helped her and gave us peace of mind.

Blessings in His mighty name,

The Buchanan Bunch


Hannah Schaffer says:

Just letting you know as an FYI that the wubbanub package does state that it’s recommended to stop using them at 6 months or when baby has teeth due to the weight of the animal

Amanda Benitez says:

Do you like the dream canopy on the nuna pipa? Does it help her stay asleep if she falls asleep I guess the car? I’m trying to decide between this one and the light. But the light doesn’t have it.

GM Jay says:

Great content. Very informative more videos please!

Hannah Schaffer says:

The nuna has a dream drape so the canopy is waaay longer than Britax and also Nuna has less chemicals than Britax. But both amazing

sva0216 says:

I have the nuna now for 5 months and I absolutely love it. The nuna has 3 slots for the buckle height positions. Once the baby gets to a certain weight you remove the infant insert and there is another slot.

Zoey Garza says:

I just had my daughter at 33 weeks on august 24 she was 7lbs yeah she was hugeee for 33 weeks lol i got her the britax bsafe 35 elite do you think that is a good carseat for her?

Anna Dalton says:

How do you like the car seats now that your baby girls are older? I’m thinking of switching to the Nuna system because of the extra safety systems on it, as well as how the Nuna Mixx stroller lays entirely flat. I love the B-Safe Elite car seat, but I am thinking of switching to something new now. (My baby just turned 9 months, weighs 23 lbs and is 29 in long.)

KarmaWinner says:

These babies are tiny. Review comfort at 17lbs.

Jamie Nelms says:

Im surprised you didn’t mention the huge safety factors about the Pipa. It’s the reason we chose it. It’s the only car seat with locking latches. Others have the belt latch. That makes them not as secure to the seat of the car itself. Also, it’s the only car seat with the extendable arm for backward support while riding in the car. Those are massive safety pros that should be mentioned over anything else. Thirdly, with the canopy, one pro with having that is, if by some chance there is a car accident, if you are using an off-market blanket or cover, your insurance could be denied. Based off those alone, the Pipa is one the THE safest car seats on the market.

Hannah Schaffer says:

Once they get teeth or are 6 months some amazing pacifier alternatives to wubbanubs are:
The soothie without the animal
Dr Browns
Tommee Tippee

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