Carseat Canopy Review- whole caboodle 5 pc set

This is my review of the CarSeat Canopy Whole Caboodle 5 piece set in Hayden print. I purchased this product myself. Carseat Canopy did not supply me with this item to review. This is my honest opinion of the product. You can get yours at


Danielle D'Sena says:

the caboodle is unsafe and is not approved by any car seat manufacturer for use, it is an aftermarket product that interferes with the harness and creates an extra layer of padding between the child and seat, which can compress in an accident, causing the seat not to work as it should!!
Quit selling an unsafe product!! Headrests are not approved, aftermarket harness covers are not approved because they can cause incorrect chest clip placement!!

Aniah harris says:

do you think this a good product for the winter ?

Katie Pichette says:

What brand is your carseat. My visor was small like urs but the carseat canopy one is.wayy big on mine. I feel sadly disappointed with mine.. unless its supposed to look like this I need another opinion

Francesca Tiongson says:

Good thing I didn’t fall for their trap I got gift card and didn’t want to go over so I just used whatever is given so I only bought the canopy

siobhanwatkins1122 says:

Thanks for sharing. I’m a mommy to be, and I was a bit skeptical because I hadn’t seen how the product functions. I’ll be ordering one soon.

Judith Rey says:

so unsafe. its sad that company’s like these make such unsafe items just to make a quick buck. these are illegal in 48 out of 50 states.

Kelsey Bever says:

covers are not allowed. nothing should come in between the car seat and child. 

Ruth Pereira says:

so much talking lol

lindsey anderson says:

where did u get tht

Cousins In crises says:

Same car seat

K. Smith says:

These are extremely unsafe and flammable. These will kill your child in a matter of seconds. Why would you ever use this??

carissameer says:

So dangerous. I wish these were illegal. Plus minky material is so flammable.

Marjorie Dillard says:

I love your video’s pretty color lite blue

tommygirl20247 says:

im glad I researched these first. Now I wont be getting the whole caboodle. im just getting the cover to use outside

Michelle Kahan says:

Beware – they do not do refunds or returns and the product does not fit all carseats. Save your money!

Adrean Roberts says:

I am getting one of these to use with my new baby who is due in November 🙂 We won’t be using it in the car (We have a carseat that came with our stroller, but can’t use it in the car becuase it is not from the US).

alex lopez says:

carseat canopy says they don’t sell the harnest straps did you get them else where???

peanutbug1010 says:

The caboodle is unsafe!!!!!

Joel Mathewson says:

Use Coupon Code: Bump5 works the BEST!

Jena Everett says:

The shade thing, did it come with plastic in it ? 

sarahzk88 says:

I got the whole caboodle with my boy and LOVED it! I used these promo codes and got a bunch of stuff free, you just pay shipping. FREECC14A FREEBB14E FREEUC14D FREESS14B FREEBL14F FREENP14C

Kim Kim says:


Nicole Caro says:

Oops her car seat was evenflow it said it on the handle

Barbara Kratzinger says:

Help! I can’t find where or how to pick the patterns. I would love to order one for my neighbor who just had  a baby girl.Any help from anyone would be great, thanks!

Lizzy Reyes says:

I want to do my own cover for the car seat cause is old but don’t know how
Can you help?

Redemption Jewelry By Me says:

Thanks for the additional etsy info. It does look much better & I’m sure the strap covers will be more comfy against the baby. What inch did you get?

Experience Local says:

Just got one free without the caboodle.  with code “FREECANOPY7”  Love it!

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