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So today we’re gonna review the Britax B-Safe 35 and the Britax B-Safe 35 Elite. Now Britax in general has been leading in the car seat safety industry, and since safety is most important, let’s get into those features first. So in this model of car seat, they did deeper side walls, and what this is gonna do is it’s gonna come up higher above your baby so it’s gonna keep them safer. So right here at the head rest, and then also in the energy-absorbing cell. Now in the Elite, it has more substantial side impact with the foam-covered head rest. And so a little bit later we are going to go into some of the differences with these two. The rest of the safety features you’re actually going to find in the base. Now, all car seats that Britax makes – they have safe-cell technology, and what this does is in a car accident, it’s designed to compress, and divert the energy away from your baby, keeping them safer. They also have this steel bar and steel reinforcement throughout the base of the car seat.

So your car seat is only as safe as you install it, so you want to make sure it’s installed properly every time. Britax added some nice features to make it easy to install properly. So they do offer latch system, and those are located here, so what you’ll do is just click those in to your lower anchors, and then you’ll tighten the straps up here on the top. Now that makes it really easy to install. If you’re using the seat belt – any time you’re using the seat belt – to secure your car seat in your car, it does need to be locked into position. Now to do that you can use the retractor in your car, or you can use the lock off if it’s integrated into your car seat. So this one you would just slip your seat belt up under here, and that would lock it into position. So this makes it really easy to install correctly every time.

Okay, now for the weight capacity. Now, both models are approved for four to thirty-five pounds. Now, odds are you’re not gonna be carrying
around a thirty-five pound baby in an infant car seat. You’ll probably out-grow the height requirement, which is thirty-two inches. So just keep that in mind, but it does have a nice range. Now the weights of the seats; so the Britax 35 weighs ten pounds, and the Elite version is eleven and a half, so it is one of the heavier car seats.

So they also added some convenience features for you, and who doesn’t love that, just to make your life easier. So, the lock-off, as I mentioned before, to make installation easier with the seat belt; they also have an easy-to-read level indicator. Now, all car seats are gonna have this bar right here, and you just need to make sure that’s parallel with the pavement. But if you’re using the base, you can just use that level indicator and that’s much easier to read. Now they also have this exposed adjustor for your harness, so you just push that button and pull on your straps. And that makes it easy to buckle in your child. Now I really like the handle-bar design. So what they did is a nice, wide base, making it comfortable to carry in your elbow, which is the preferred carrying option. And then, overall, it does have a smaller-than-average footprint from front-to-back and side-to-side, so it’s gonna fit in most cars. Now, on the Elite only, it does have an integrated shoulder harness height adjustor, and that’s gonna be on the back, where you’ll just pinch and move. That way you won’t have to rethread your harness every time your baby grows.

Now most parents are gonna want to take their infant seat and turn it into a travel-system, which basically means to attach it to a stroller. So let’s get into compatibility. So the Britax car seats will be compatible with all Britax strollers, including the B-Ready and the B-Agile, and you don’t need to buy adaptors for that. It’s also compatible with any bob strollers, but you will have to buy an additional adaptor for those. It’s compatible with most baby joggers and that does include the very popular City Select. Now, if you have other questions about this
car seat feel free to leave us a comment below, or email us at “”.

So it does have excellent safety ratings and because safety is first, of course that’s important to us. It’s also at a good price point, which is awesome! Now, Britax is manufactured and tested in the U.S.; it’s nice that it’s manufactured here because you get more use out of your car seat before it expires. Now the Britax B-Safe 35 retails for $209.99, and the 35 Elite retails for $249.99. You can purchase at where we sell everything from clothing to gear and all the fun things in-between.


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