BIG BABY HAUL!!! 😝 Cloth Diapers + Nuna Pipa Carseat Review

I got a huge baby haul in the mail today from our friends and parents. We got TONS of cloth diapers & review the Nuna Pipa infant car seat.

Watch us in “Little Wanders” on BabyLeague:

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We’re high school sweethearts who married after a romantic proposal overlooking Florence, Italy while backpacking Europe! We’re a little family of three (you can’t forget Paris our Maltese) with a fourth on the way, vlogging our travels as we wander through the steps of life.


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HaveAhappyLife Vlogs says:

It’s so funny becuse I live in Florida and it’s warm in the winter and you guys when it’s 50 Degrees it feels good lol

Kirstin Benson says:

hello Corbin , kelsey I love you family and friends

Debra Colinsky says:

I honestly am not trying to be mean but how can you have a baby and not have a car!

CoolCow89 says:

On baby league it says she’s due January 25. So is she having a baby

Courtney Roos says:

going on 7 months of cloth diapers​ and we love love love them!!!!!!!!

charlotte o'neill says:

Have you got a pram

Brittany Leigh Vlogs says:

the insert looks really thin to comfort the baby

Brooke Anne says:

Juneper is so lucky she has great parents and every moment of her life is going to documented

Elizabeth McKnight says:

That teal shirt Kelsey was wearing makes her eyes pop! She is just so pretty.

Zanya Carey says:

Don’t use the microfibre. You’d see a lot of comments below said NOT to use the microfibre inserts.

Dee Raines says:

naturally thrifty mom has excellent cloth diaper 101 videos

Abby the fashion girl 123 says:

What are u guys going to go home in from the hospital

ItsLexisVlog says:

also, the carseat looks awesome!

Michell Molina-Nielsen says:

We used cloth diapers for over a year, and it was fun! The fact that we had a detachable shower head did help loads though, i would pull it right over the toilet immediately after changes, and it helped keep the diaper/inserts super white and stain free. Also i would recommend getting some wet bags to keep the smell in at home, and to carry dirty ones after changes while you’re out! Good luck!! 🙂

Hawaiian Punch says:

Seems irresponsible to have a baby in a 1 bedroom apartment and no car. Just me.

Haley Owens says:

Baby Juniper is going to be so spoiled hopefully she will come soon and I love everything you {Kelsey and Corbin}. I love you guys and thanks for making these vlogs and making me happy when I’m down. If you read this please text me back

pilot fren says:

It’s so crazy to think that juniper is almost here

Emilie Ozmore says:

Join Fluff Love & CD Science on fb to get your wash routine set up, and advice on how to start your cloth journey! Just don’t get overwhelmed by all the posts, it is a troubleshooting page. There’s other groups by them for pictures, cleaning and sewing questions.

Anugrah Widhi says:

hello my name is lucky when is the baby can be born

janice brockett says:

a baby can go through approximately 80 diapers a week. get twice the number you think you will need

Cheyenne Case says:

join Fluff Love & CD Science! they’ll be a great help !they’ll set you up with a great wash routine as well!

Dominic Figueroa says:


Taryn Pratt says:

get fuzzibunz diapers! they are perfect. you will also need like 40+ diapers! I love cloth diapering but we did skip the first month because of tar poop and waiting for the umbilical cord to fall off. The tar poop will stain your diapers! Make sure you get a sprayer!

Libby Johnson says:

Please check out Honeybuns Cloth Diapers! They are a work at home mom brand and absolutely amazing. I’ve tried all other kinds of cloth diapers and Honeybuns are by far the best fitting! They are pocket diapers and have some super cute prints. Also, the customer service is amazing. Congratulations!!

Margot Reynolds says:

You really need to strip those cloth diapers, especially if missy didn’t already! There is a Facebook group called “fluff love and cloth diaper science”… they helped me so much! You can tell them which washer and dryer you have and they’ll customize a wash routine for you, so you don’t get build up or ammonia smells. They also have the stripping instructions. Please make sure you do this first though, washing them isn’t enough if they are pre-owned and used.

chaos18panic says:

Oh! The anchors diaper at 4:29 was one I made for Ollie and sent to Missy and Bryan years ago, glad another baby is going to get to use it ❤️

ItsLexisVlog says:

Yay for cloth diapers! We love our cloth! It was so intimidating at first and overwhelming, but once you start using them, it becomes part of your routine and very easy! We used disposable when our kiddo was a newborn because A. they poo so much, and B. I didn’t want to be transitioning into life as a new mom AND figuring out how to cloth/watch/ect.
Now, almost 2 years later, we still love our cloth!

Zimpaz says:

A car seat that goes on a stroller? I thought they advised that was bad for newborns back development and you should lie them flat?

rosie Tangorra says:

Love the car seat! Color is great for Juniper! Nicest one I have ever seen.

Ashlynn Sloan says:

Love cloth diapering

Michaela Munn says:

I love that teal coloured shirt on Kelsey! She looks gorgeous! Also, that car seat is awesome! You guys have convinced me to get it and I don’t even have any kids lol. It could totally be used for a baby boy as well. Very sleek. 🙂

LiLGro94xoxo says:

I loveeeee the nuna pipa!!!!

Ashlynn Sloan says:

Love cloth diapering

GiGi&me says:

You guys are so positive & have such a healthy relationship. I hope one day I can have something like you guys do. Your videos seriously put me in such a good mood, I feel so refreshed and happy after watching. ❤️

punkafoo says:

I’m confused. I thought all infant car seats the chest part of the seat belt goes round the back of the carseat.

challenge keira games says:

does the car seat go with pram

Kelsey Vail says:

when is she due

Mama August3rd says:

What stroller are you using?

Trisha B says:

Kelsey’s bump looks amazing in that new shirt.

Renate Stamatiades says:

will you breastfeed for one year. I love you

Autumn Lawson says:

You guys are gonna be such great parents I can’t wait to see your baby. I’m very excited for you guys.

Carolina Jimenez says:

U need to watch daily bumps guys

Linda Roberts says:

Are you going to post info about your baby list registry anywhere? I watched the first video for Little Wanders and looked up your registry but it asked for a password. I would love to send something for little Juniper!

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