2014 Toyota Sienna Child Seat Review

If you’re looking at the ultimate three row crossover for a growing family, look no further than the 2014 Toyota Sienna AWD. Yes, I know it’s a minivan, but honestly there is precious little difference between a modern AWD minivan and an AWD crossover except for the sliding doors. The Sienna is one of the few vehicles on the road with three complete sets of LATCH anchors and up to four top-tether anchors for maximum child capacity.
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schmingledaddy says:

Thank you for a very thoughtful and thorough review. Great job.

Lei Chen says:

Excellent review. Thanks!

Nafraf Leinad says:

What happened to your glasses Alex?

Binoo Jen says:

It isnt highlander you kept talking about

Harlock Harlock says:

Did you ever review the 2015 or the 2016? Also why didn’t you show the tether for the rear facing seat? Did it have a tether point for the rear facing install?

spacegreycoralred says:

after 4:12 i lost concentration due to the bulge factor……..

Matthew's Car Corner says:

I think the Toyota Sienna is the best minivan in the world, and I would really recommend it.

meilazy45 says:

Hi Alex! Great review! For the new 2017 Sienna, do you happen to know how to properly install a convertible car seat rear facing using both latch and tether?? I can’t seem to locate the tether anchors aside from the ones under the seats on the second row which I assume are to be used for forward facing. When using the latch system on a car seat for rear facing, are you supposed to use the tether as well?

eegrn says:

Thanks for this info

tgbowleotomc says:

Finally a practical review! Are you going to review the Odyssey? Would love to see that as we are debating between the two.

thedoriangray666 says:


Pedro Castedo says:

Hi there! Do you believe Siena is a good option for 4 adults a 2 kids to travel aroud?
We’ll spend 15 days aroud California. Thanks!

Toshi Clark says:

Alex, with that intro I was expecting to see some actual comparison footage of the Highlander that you mentioned.

Brian Murphy says:

what model is the car seat?

Ellie's Mom says:

Hi Alex, Thanks for your reviews.  Will you be reviewing the Honda Odyssey?  

Eugene Brushchenko says:

Thanks for your clear and consise reviews Alex. Do you also have a Sienna 2015 review?

Tou Xiong says:

This is great a review.  I have a 2010 Acura MDX but with three kids with 3 car seats the MDX just isn’t working out.  You just reviewd what I was wondering about.  Thanks again.

Kenny Gioni says:

Very well review!! thnx…this makes so much easy to narrow our choices in choosing which vehicles we need for our family!

william ingram jr says:

FINALLY someone reviews a minivan with what every family will use it for… hauling kids and their car seats! @alex on Autos… THANK YOU. That said… the Sienna is built on the Camry platform but yeah… 😛

Felix Suarez says:

Is it possible to place the car seat on the side instead of the middle in the bench seat? This would be a good configuration on the 7 seater for 2 car seats plus an adult in the back. 1 adult and one car seat on the captain chairs and the 2nd car seat to the side of the bench seat. Frees up space for adults to move back to the 3rd row. Is anyone using it like this?

J Lo says:

Only thing I would switch to from my gl450.

carpuppy says:

At 1:45 you mean sienna

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