Turning Our 3 Year Old Rear Facing | Nuna Rava Review & Install

My son Kyle was killed in a car crash when he was 3 years old. In this vlog I share some very important car seat safety info about the mistake I made that cost him his life, the importance of 5-point harness car seats, extended rear facing and booster seat safety. This information could have saved Kyle’s life. My goal is to try and educate parents so no more children die simply because their parents weren’t informed. We decided to turn Bella back to rear facing at 3 1/2 years old and everyone got new car seats! Nuna Rava & Nuna Aace Unboxing, Installation & Review!

Kyle’s video: https://youtu.be/qbdvLvscEgQ

More Car Seat Safety Info:

Why is rear facing so much safer?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sg5i9YInU64

Car Seats:
Nuna Rava: https://www.nuna.eu/usa/rava
Nuna Aace: https://www.nuna.eu/usa/aace

Music: Human After All by Sven Karlsson

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The HD Channel - Vlogs, Reviews & Stuff says:

Great vid, i have subscribed to your channel, please feel free to check out my channel & subscribe to my channel. I would really appreciate the support. Thanks?

The Plaza says:

My brother thinks that it is okay for my 6year old nephew to be riding into a booster seat at 6 and 35pounds and 38inches tall what do you think. Steph hinkel

Dereck S says:

Thank you for Sharing. My son is 3 and 4 months, 27 lbs. We just got him a Britax Pinnacle with 5 point hardness. using forward facing. And your video reminds me again to use rear facing, even though We get the safest seat, but we forget to remind ourselves the danger of forward facing. Gotta go shopping again, who doesn’t like shopping =) Thanks for the reminder!

Alexandra Poole says:

I was looking up reviews for carseats and I’m so glad I found your video. I’m sorry for the loss of your child, & thank you. Thank you for sharing the importance of car seat safety. I am absolutely keeping my 2 1/2 year old in rear facing as long as I can. Thank you.

Peter Espinoza says:

Thank you so much for sharing. You have such a beautiful family, I wish you all the best!

KinleysWorld says:

I just wanted to mention that with the first Rava your husband is checking for movement in the wrong spot. You only check for movement at the belt path and side to side. It has to move less than 1 inch. You don’t check at the top and that will always lift up at least a bit. It’s called cocooning and will protect the child in an accident.

Anna Esther Arnove says:

New subscriber here! I actually just read your post on Love What Matters (Facebook) and clicked on your page and ended up here! THANK YOU for raising awareness for car seat safety. A lot of parents take their children’s safety (when in the car) for granted and it’s so important that you shared your story so people will understand how crucial it is for them to learn and use their car seats properly! ❤️

Melissa Hanson says:

May I ask what made you choose the nuna rava – over a clek (foonf or flo)? we’re ready to transfer our 9.5mo old out of his infant seat (nuna pipa) and were pretty much decided on the rava. but consultants at two separate local baby stores said clek was the way to go for safety.

Ziggy Poppa says:

Ik he was super embarrassed but his mom and dad really cares about safety! I’m very happy about how mature he was handling it and how beautiful your family is.

Ellie Murphy says:

Hey can I ask where your baby carrier is from?

The King Family Vlogs says:

Car seat safety is so important! Thanks for sharing such an important message! I am a labor and delivery nurse and have to do so much teaching on the correct way to strap babies in their carriers.

Debora Aponte says:

God bless you.

Our Happy Tribe says:

Aww what an adorable family you have. Looking forward to watching your vlogs x

Alyssa Ventura says:

Those car seats are so nice, I just went with the Graco 4 ever for my 17 month old and Graco Nautilus for my 4 year old with the 5 point harness. I like the headrest for your 9 year old looks very comfortable.

Fleur Foto Photography says:

Love you, Kyle. xxx

Catherine Stanley says:

What about adult drivers that can’t fit in a seatbelt properly? I’m 23 and 4ft. 11 and 90 pounds. The seat belt is usually digging into my neck and it won’t go down any further and I feel like I’m always straining my neck trying to see curbs and corners. I also have juvenile osteoporosis and already have spinal fractures. My bone density is beginning to improve, but I feel like a 3 year old in a booster seat has a higher chance of survival than me. But I can’t just not drive or not get in a vehicle, I’m just going to have to hope I never get in an accident

This Is Narissa says:

I love this video. Beautiful family!!!! Good to see parents promoting safety.

Curious Explorer says:

Great video. I have subscribed. Please do subscribe to my channel if you like it. Thanks

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