Tesla Model S Trunk – Rear Facing Jump Seats – Third Row

I had my Model S P85+ for over 3 years. In the beginning the rear jump seats were really cool. But the novelty soon wore off as there were clearly put in as an afterthought. There is no ventilation in the rear. So in the summer heat it is really bad. We rarely use the rear jump seats because of this omission of cooling.

But in a pinch and when you really need to carry up to 5 adults and 2 kids, then you can use the rear jump seats for any short 20 minute trips. Anything longer you will need to buy some kind of cooling back there for the kids.

Restrictions for the seats per the manual are:
“The Tesla built-in rear facing child seats are child restraint systems and must only be used for children over 37″ (94 cm) tall and weighing between 35 and 77 lbs (16.2 to 35.2 kg).”

I bought two things for them when they sit in the back. A misting fan and also a battery operated bigger fan.

Links are below:
Misting Fan

Automotive Dual power fan


Nestor Fabio says:

that seats look dangerous if you get rear end? or and how do you evacuate the kids?

Hymxzx says:

wtf man why so loud !! keep your voice down please

Wesley P says:

my god that trunk is filthy. dont you ever vacuum it?

jmhewitt81 says:

At what outdoor temperature do you need the fans? mid 70s? Low 80s? We are looking at the S with the jump seats but now have some serious concerns.

Marcus Silverio says:

The parent is the one who should be putting on the belts

Vax Buster says:

Get yourself a vacuum cleaner, your interior is filthy!

Steven Sanjaya says:

nice video man.i hope you can reach 100.000 sub

alx8 says:

thanks for the real world family perspective review of this car…

Davide Malacrida says:

I wouldn’t even let my dog sit in there

Michael Tavares says:

I wish he would’ve let you close the trunk so I could get a good general idea of how much space there would be but nonetheless great video and awesome kids man

Luis Morales says:

yoda ears the kid has

GetoverYourself says:

Must hate children to strap them in those

Zubin Bhaumik says:

How do you afford all of this? Are you a doctor?

Rajeve Munnuwah says:

Cheap thing boy

michael o'mahony says:

It’s also in volvos

Random. says:

Awesome video man

spongebob swag pants says:

Lol. The Toyota camry wagon had one. Better than this

justinrino says:

Why is he whispering

Eric Cartman says:

y the fk would i want to be sitting in the fucken back

Noah P says:

can you speak a Little bit slooower

Jeet Sadaria says:

Sooooooooooo dull &boring

Roberto says:

1) These kids are clearly not the sharpest pencils in the bag
2) You are supposed to put a small fan to blow cool air to the back, not a big fan thats going to kill the kids in the case of a crash and that blows the hot air to the front. Dumb

Javier Quintana Q. says:

Yea it is cool car, Id like to see closing that door. hire a brave kids next time…

Heriberto Lopez says:

This is not safe at all I’ve seen photos of The Tesla model s with the rear jump seats, being rear ended by a semi or a SUV and the whole structure collapses I do not recommend this AT ALL.

D. Barton says:

When I was a kid in the back of my parents hot station wagon they didn’t give me any misting fan… Kids today, sheesh.

sevenshepard1 says:

i don’t think this is really something designed for everyday use. more of a “hey dad, timmy and joe need a ride too. can they ride with us?” kinda thing. if you need room for 7 all the time, you should be buying an suv instead

jersey clean90 says:

some ppl might like the trunk seats..but I’ll like to look at my lil man and talk to him and no that he’s in arm reach

Black Mamba says:

You’re a great man dont let hater bring you down

BKFirst says:

Wow what a cringy vid dis like and your car looks a bit fucked up by the lights

Matthew Lechner says:

Once im older, i want to get a used p85 and get a little teardrop trailer and travel to superchargers in the US.

Epic face899 says:

My family owns 2 teslas

joel Botros says:

fuke you

Meme beaner says:

holy shit you talk so slow

Alex Tester says:

He said bass unit

Form Trends says:

Seatbelt mechanism looks a little cumbersome to put on, especially for a six-year-old. Good work Lucas!

PS > “Not by your neck!!” hahaha! LMAO

Kiya Lee says:

his reaction to you wanting to close the liftgate is exactly what I expected and feared. Nobody wants to sit back there. Saw another video of a kid actually riding back there and his neck was getting jerked about every time his dad accelerated. Seems like something to sometimes use when your kids want to bring home friends, but this doesn’t seem like practical seating, regardless how safe the crash ratings are.

help me reach 1,000 subscribers with no videos says:

You might do a little better if you play some music quietly in the background.

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