Install a Forward-facing Diono Car Seat with SuperLATCH™

Allana Pinkerton, Global Safety Advocate at Diono®, shows you how to install a forward-facing Diono car seat using the SuperLATCH™ connectors.


Diono says:

The Radian has two FF recline positions to allow it to fit more vehicle seat contours.

Rima Añosa says:

I can’t even see the Superlatch connector in either the manual nor this video. It is treated like some mythical component that parents aren’t worthy enough to see and possibly understand how to loop it through the whatchamacallit.

Carolina T. says:

This video is absolute bullshit, just like your forward-facing-using-the-shoulder-belt video. You make it look so easy, and yet I just spent 15 minutes out in the freezing cold, trying to make this thing work, and yet there is still 5 inches of play, no matter how hard I pull on the strap. The seat is still actually FLOPPING around. Not exactly safe, is it Diono? The seat is simply too wide at the bottom. My anchor points are beneath the seat, not to the side, so no matter how hard I pull, it locks on itself, and I get nowhere. Thanks for that.

wiftyone says:

The top tether should be used always forward facing.

Steven Haffner says:

How about a video showing how to uninstall a forward facing seat with latch? This is possibly the most user unfriendly product we have ever purchased.

Natacha Unelus says:

can it recline foward facing?

Diono says:

Rebecca, we always recommend using the top tether but we do not require it. Our Radians pass crash testing both with and without the top tether. 🙂

jjbeckbeer says:

Useless video, useless instructions. Where does that useless strap that’s attached to the anchor strap go? The flaps go under the harness strap but over the strap. But make sure you don’t use the flap strap. Funniest thing about the manual was figuring out the “hook and loop” located “above and below the head support”; I spent 30 minutes looking for them to “lock” the headrest. Surprise! The “hook and loop” are actually the padding on the headrest and they are neither (by any reasonable definition) a “hook” nor a “loop”. Further, they do absolutely nothing to “lock” the headrest; in fact they do the opposite, the padding pulls down the headrest if you try to put it to the highest setting. For the record, it seems like a well-made item but the tech writing and some design choices are really funny.

Night Owl says:

She forgot the tether, no?

Timothy Murphy says:

Terrible video. Not helpful at all. Doesn’t show where the straps go. I’ll be returning this car seat tomorrow

Jarvis Flyball Box says:

How about connecting the tether?

75ShadowShooter says:

what a shit video!

Matt Lobos says:

This couldn’t be less helpful. Let’s see the results of your installation without cutting away after your husband helped you.

Hobby Addict says:

Does the top tether not need to be used while forward facing?

Scott Eger says:

Very Helpful!

machsix123 says:

Is there something wrong with the buckle on mine, when I pull the slack through to tighten it appears tight then I wiggle the seat and then the slack is pulled back, I don’t see how that buckle locks the belt in place as there’s no button to release it.

I also have a 2015 Forester.

Steven Haffner says:

And I thought the literature that came with this contraption was as bad as it gets. This video is ridiculous. I can only hope Diono’s engineers have more grey mass and common sense than Allana and whoever reviewed and approved this for release to the public.

J Thompson says:

After many installs of this seat, putting my entire 170 lb body weight into it and heaving with everything I have, the ridiculousness of this video just gets me upset. There is no possible way in a 2012 Forester (or any car I suspect) to install this seat with her level of non effort!

kyledravis says:

No mention of the safe-stop, rear tether or the sliding base position?

Maggie Rodriguez says:

It would be nice to see the back of the seat and how ALL the belts are aligned. How is that belt supposed to look from the back before we put it on the seat and thread it through?

MBradley91 says:

On the side of the carseat it says not to use this method for a child over 40lbs. However, this is the only way I can install this seat in my car without it “flopping” around, as one commenter pointed out. Can’t find anywhere in the manual where it says don’t use this method with a child over 40lbs, it just says it on the side of the carseat. Can anyone confirm whether or not this is accurate? My kid weighs 49lbs.

Katherine Dixon says:

Can there be a video using the safe stop strap?

Night Owl says:

Whhaat?! This easy?! No whay! Once I get mine I will update this thread/// 🙂

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