Infasecure evolve caprice child car seat review 2015


Justin V says:

Great little demo…. until driver Dad doesn’t wear his seatbelt while driving… lol

Sarah Hegarty says:

Disappointing. The title of the video gives the impression that it will include a review of the seat, not just a demonstration of someone installing it. By the way, it looks like one of the straps is twisted when the little girl is in the seat. Twisted straps mean the belt is less effective in an accident. 

arianefr78 says:

At 2:00 two huge and monumental errors, the car is already moving yet the man in the passenger seat is NOT wearing his seat belt and also the boy in the middle seat is only just doing up his seat belt… and not so serious but the drivers belt is twisted… and the start of the video the little girls belt is twisted inside the shoulder pad… all in all this is not a teachable video…

Ramdon fun says:

why do they need a buckel at their ass isnt it uncomfatable? im just curois

Mell Preusker says:

When installing ensure that the “tether” is not twisted. The tether is the main safety feature (apart from the harness) and needs to be kept straight to stop it from snapping under pressure in an accident. Please get your install checked by a professional as well, this is your child’s life at risk and a bad install is very dangerous.

Jannik Obermüller says:


Asian Mummy at Home says:

this is absolutely the most uncomfortable car seat for rear facing… though it says 0-8, i would;t recommend for below 18 months…. it’s uncomfortable for the baby, it’s only semi recline. Their head will be hanging when they are in deep sleep….

The War Room says:

Great work! Check out our gaming channel!

Theresa O'Connell says:

Wht about the twisted tether strap and harness

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