How to use the Rear Facing Seats North America

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Adi Adrian says:

And if some driver bumps you from behind witch happens a lot, bye bye kids

IIceColld1 says:

Lmao that’s so weird, I’d be dead laughing if I see this.

Omar Isaías says:

In a car crash, the back seat passengers will smash their heads agains those children’s head. Besides, that girl is way too tall, she will hit her head multiple times on bumpy roads.

Mike Utoober says:

old wagons rear facing seats were designed far better and simpler, i still like this but i would prefer it be a lot simpler to operate. also make a tesla wagon and this idea would work a lot better

donayre21 says:

That rear end collision do…

feifeishuishui says:

Unless there are rear airbag (and I bet there isn’t one), a tiny accident will make these poor children’s head hit the glass badly. That can easily kill them. This is just stupid.

cat nip says:

they put kids in the trunk call the police 😀 hahahahahaha

alex martinez says:

car crash end up with dead children..

Nathan 43 says:

What about the car behind? hahaha The Driver Would be starring at two Children looking at him lol

Alex M says:

this doesn’t seem safe at all?..

atramos2 says:

Minimum height 37″ … What’s the MAXIMUM?

Cléber santos e kevin says:


Galaxy Wolf says:


Jim Chance says:

Must be Trippy as fuck on the freeway

G Rodriguez says:

She’s gunna head butt that glass :S

John Smith says:

they really should’ve given model 3 trunk more room. i guess maybe it doesn’t matter since they all have a frunk

edisonsun21c says:

that little girl looked like her head was about to get chopped off……..

Luck z says:

Thats stupid.

lizette1995lv says:


Meme beaner says:

imagine driving down the road and seeing that looking back at you

The Plaza says:

can a 3year old fit into this harness in the car at 34pounds and 34inches tall

BowHunter77 says:

Comes with an optional hose attachment in case you’re rear ended and need a convenient way to spray out the children’s blood etc.

Kennedy Mcdaniel says:

My mom has a car like that I hate sitting in the back

Al Z says:

This is child abuse. You will get pulled over by the cops all the time with this thing. Besides being illegal, its just stupid. Those kids are going to be barfing all over the place

Reinhardt Mckhenzie says:

Nope…the girl is taller, so as for my car, she won’t be seating there…

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