How to Install a Diono Car Seat Forward-Facing (Seat Belt + Tether)

Due to the lower anchor weight limits, you MUST install forward-facing Diono car seats with the seat belt AND tether for kids weighing 40 pounds and more… instead of using the lower LATCH anchors and tether. If your child is under 40 pounds and forward-facing you can use the seat belt AND tether OR the lower anchors AND tether. Always use the tether on EVERY forward-facing car seat.

Make sure the shoulder straps come from at or above your child’s shoulders. If your Diono has a moveable head rest (RXT, Rainier) and you have an older, taller child in the seat make sure you have moved the head rest all the way up to reveal the highest shoulder strap slot, as this is blocked when the head rest is not up all the way.

If your child is under 40 pounds and using a Diono seat forward-facing, make sure you have added the SAFE STOP. Make sure to remove the SAFE STOP when the child reaches 40 pounds.


Blessed2be Mommy says:

Great video!!!

Summer McGinnis says:

We just bought (yesterday) 2 Diono Rainier’s one for my almost 4 year old (forward facing) and one for our almost 7 month old (rear facing). Tomorrow morning we are going to the local health department to ensure the car seats are installed properly 🙂 I’m really excited about these car seats! I watched your videos to to make sure I installed them right 🙂 I once messaged you on FB about my sons infant car seat when he was a couple weeks old and you replied back so fast! I appreciated that!

A Ha says:

According to the Car Seat group on Facebook, the manual for this seat has been updated to include that the vehicle headrest MUST be installed to use this seat. I don’t see it in my manual anywhere, but they are adamant. Is it now required?

machfive916 says:

Very informative!

Rachel Schifferle says:

I just installed a Radian R100 in our Ford Escape for the first time. I used the locking clip and have it very tight so the seat does not move side to side when I test it. I also have it tethered securely, but I noticed if I pull forward on the front of the base near the harness tension strap the base pulls forward a lot. I have never had this happen with other seats. Is it due to the rounded bottom of this seat or is it installed incorrectly?

Rachael Martin says:

Your videos are awsome ! So helpful. thank you so much!!

Hal Jalikeakick says:

One time saving technique my wife and I discovered is to go ahead and fight BEFORE you start putting the seat in. This way you take care of the minimum requirement of one fight per husband/wife car seat installation right away and can focus on getting the seat out in from there. It helped us a lot to just go ahead and get it out if the way at the beginning. Happy installing!

John Lee says:

You are a saint

Bella & Bubb says:

Your videos put the videos that the cps consultant for Diono put out to shame. So much more helpful information. If we didn’t have this we’d be left helpless with Dionos manual and that lady they have hired to make videos.

Nichole Bowling says:

This video is very helpful I have had trouble properly installing my RXT for my six-year-old In my Honda CR-V

K Stauffer says:

Your videos are so helpful. Thank you for your thorough explanations and tips!

Sara Yui says:

Do you have a video about how to install this with the latch system?

FTMama says:

with the top teather are we suppose to tighten that much? i was told to just pull the slack out not pull tight…

Nate Bowman says:

Thank you! Your video is so much more helpful than the one I found on Diono’s page.

Lea Garinis says:

Thank you so much for this video. I was unaware of the weight limit for forward facing LATCH until I read my Diono manual. My son is 44lbs and I worried I wouldn’t get the seat tight with the seat belt. The twisting trick and leaning into the seat to rock it while tightening the belt was a game changer. Reclining the seat in our minivan and then back to upright was extremely useful. Our radian rxt is in there rock solid for our almost 5 yr old. I also secured my daughter’s forward facing seat using the same tricks. Thank you a million. Keep the tips and tricks coming!!!

A McKean says:

Thanks a lot for this video! I’ve had diono radian carseat for three years and thought I know all the tricks but I have been always struggling with tightening the strap on the latch belt. The buckle was always fighting back and it costed me numerous broken nails since we move our carseat a lot from car to car. Now I finally realised that I can reach the strap through the hole in the seat cover you used to adjust the seat belt. I just installed my carseat in the car. Took me 30 seconds. Literally 30 seconds. And most of the time I have spent actually dragging the carseat inside of the car. Wow.

Katy Caroll says:

my new rainer has an extra teather, it’s called a safty stop. I don’t see how to install it anywhere on line or in the book. it says it must be used for foward facing children under 40lbs

Matt Lobos says:

Dione should fire their car seat advocate and pay you to make their installation videos. This video kept me from securing my child to the roof with bungee cords. Thanks.

nazanin soroush says:

your videos are awesome , detail . I wish you could have one video of Installation of Forward facing car seat on Pegpregoo.

cancholax says:

Thank you for the twisting tip! I was wondering what I was going to do because I was having difficulty installing the seat.

Christina Challis says:

Wondering about the head rest. I have a Subaru forester 2012. With the head rest off the top of the car seat is just about in line with the top of the seat of the car. Is it ok to install without the head rest?

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