Front facing or Rear facing? Car seat safety TRUE STORY crash test videos

Front face or rear face your child? Here is a TRUE STORY, narrated by the grandfather, whose 18 month old grandson broke his neck while in a front facing car seat. This video is not morbid, but is intended to educate the public, and allow them to make an informed decision for child safety. For 2 1/2 years after this accident, we pushed for reform of the 12 month / 20 lb rule. In March, 2011 the recommendation was changed to RF until 2 or the child reaches the RF limit of the car seat. This video played a big part in that effort. We hope it helps you to make a decision, that’s right for you, and your child.


Christine Kordyjaka says:

Thank you Holy Father God for healing this child God bless Joell in Jesus name

Ahmed Ramzi El-Rafie says:

I bet he’s okay I would like him when he’s not with these stuff.

Melissa Avila says:

Thank you for sharing! Truly touched that you would go out of your way to help educate others! All my best wishes to your family and little Joel. Blessings!

Dbrooks412 says:

good for u

Elizabeth Vaivao says:

This happened in 2008 I was born in the early 2008.

Kevin Mawhinney says:

This is a very good video! I would say that this is a very good video that demonstrates what you should and should not do, but I’m not going to. To me this video is a video of what could happen when you do not pay attention while driving. Sorry to sound crass, but the same thing could have happened if a child was facing to the rear, and your daughter got rear ended. I’m not against Rear facing or Front facing car seats, I’m against careless driving, either caused by your or done to you.

Yvette Green says:

kid going to hospital

Katarzyna Rozycka says:

thanks to this video my kids will be rear facing up to 6 years old . I had no idea of the danger before.

kdw75 says:

People have to be told that sitting facing the rear is safer???? If you have any common sense you knew this from a young age, but do we all go around facing the rear???? Nope, because we take calculated risks for convenience. People regularly trade safety when they decide to drive a small car with less crumple zones.

tamarfish says:

Whats the recommended weight to switch to front facing

Christy R says:

Wow thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s a miracle and blessing your grandson recovered so well. Thank goodness. We are taking my son on a road trip this summer and he will be 18 months. I was debating turning him around for comfort. He will be staying rear facing now. Thank you!

Gabriela Perez-Balcanu says:

🙁 I hope they are ok and happy now

Cynthia Rosario says:

Omgosh such incredible information that is incredibly overlooked. Your message is much needed and not enough awareness. This is going out and being shared to my kids for my grandkids. I think we get over anxious to have them forward so we can look at them while driving, talk to them and show things we think they would enjoy as we drive by. Also so if your feeding them something on your way somewhere you can pass it to them and in some cases make sure they don’t choke. Basically for the convenience we face them forward when ready to. But it’s not worth it after seeing this. Now after seeing this those reasons I mentioned are not important. The thought of even their little arms being thrown and injured alone is horrible. Thank you so much. I pray that Joel heals completley,and I believe Joel very unfortunate accident is bittersweet because with the love and help of his grandpa you both will save countless children’s lives and keep them as safe as possible in a vehicle. I’m so thankful to both of you yet so sorry for what he had to go through but I’m also happy he’s OK and alive. I can’t imagine what you all went through and you both are also saving many parents and others from experiencing what you all did through all of this. Again Thank you so very much.

Vv Wyz says:

Thank you for your advise.

The_Rivers_Fam says:

Great info! Great job little miracle baby!!

Laura Goodwin says:

What a cutie! He was a BIG boy for sure! That’s what probably helped him not be more severely injured. A huge blessing.

Medena Vita says:

Oooooh… This made me cry… I am so so sorry for what happened to this little sweetheart… God bless him and make him healthy again. Thank you for telling us this, you surely saved other kids…

Ricardo Ellison says:

By turning around the seat, one is really only turning the problem of head restraint around…what happens when one is hit from behind? I was riding shotgun when we were hit from behind…violently, I could feel all the foam within the seat compact until my body contacted the metal frame of the seat…..are crashes equally divided between frontal impacts, and rear impacts. If. this is the case, turning the seats will not make a difference. Heads or Tails of the same coin.

JP138 says:

Thank you!

Stephanie Hengey says:

This is exactly why I bought a $200 car seat for my son. He can and will be rear facing until he’s 50 pounds or 49 inches tall. with his growth pattern he probably won’t reach either till he’s 6 or 7 years old and he’s only 7 months now so he will be in it for a while. Then forward facing till 65 pounds or 49 inches. He’ll stay rear facing as long as possible in that car seat.

Tianna Harkins says:

Thank you for posting this. It’s really important and im so sorry about what happened with your grandson. I’m so glad he was able to recover. My daughter is 2 and 24 pounds, and everyone wants me to have her forward facing, including me! I didn’t know the risk was still so high for a child at 33 pounds, that means at 24 the risk is def still there and parents should know. God bless you.

Jennifer Seymour says:

So glad he’s made an awesome recovery.
One thing I did notice in the video is that the latch was not used nor did the seat belt contract like in a normal accident.
This video gave me something to think about.

Chelsea Rochelle says:

I’m sorry

Hannah Schaffer says:

This is why the 1 1/2 year old I take care of is rear facing in the CENTER of the back seat of my car.

Chloe Nurse says:

I’m so sorry

Night Owl says:

Thank you for the information and blessings to your family!

CherikaBadra says:

my stomach tuned

luvlyme♡ says:

hows joel doing now?.. prayers for him..

Tamara Hyde says:

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