Forward facing vs Rear facing child car seat in car crash

See the difference between forward facing and rear facing car seating in a collision at 50 km/h.

The film is produced by Trygg Trafikk and supplied to us by BeSafe.


girlsdrinkfeck says:

never use rear facing with airbags though

Vendicia says:

This kind of info needs to be shared to all mothers and fathers after birth and should be more pronounced. So many people are quick to turn their young ones around when the new age is 2 years old before swapping positions from rear facing.

MxJayden says:


Peter Downey says:

Whatever happens, don’t install a rear facing seat in the front seat. If the airbag deploys in a crash, it is likely to cause fatal head injuries. Rear facing seats should always be installed in the rear of the car.

Hi ?!?!?! says:

what about if your baby is rear facing and rear crash yeaaaa think harder not dummerr

Malaya 2 Times says:

I be traumatize after watching these Accident videos

Jose Martinez says:

Rear Facing???! People are so stupid, if you get in a head on crash do you really think front facing or rear facing is really goning to help? These people are so stupid. You can control hitting something in a frontal crash better than sitting at a light and getting slammed into so I am front facing my son!

Elgrancampeon says:

Put the booster seat in the back central seat, but if the central seat doesn’t have ISOFIX, put him on a seat with ISOFIX, in the back seat on the oppiste side of the driver if it possible.

Oh says:

Why am I here

Good Vibe Gamer says:

Why is this in my recommended ?!?!

n kroft says:

Just keep your attention on the road when you drive with children in the car. The chances that you are hit from behind are bigger than if you are hit someone from behind. And so your child can just sit forward and watch while driving.

OhhowHelovesus777 says:

If you’re not moving and a car hits from behind full force, wouldn’t that have the same effect on a rear facing child as a head on collision is for a forward facing child?

Ornstein the DragonSlayer says:

This is only relevant if your dumb enough to hit something in front of you

Alf Lacis says:

Everyone should be standing up, wedged in a cocoon, between a front, a rear and side supports.

Amber Weaver says:

where are there chest clips in any of these videos? just saying, isn’t that what the chest clips and proper tightness help to avoid your child to fling so far forward in an accident? my oldest was turned at one and fit height and weight in a forward, my 8 month old I’m still debating but I still have yet to have a changed mind

otarelle says:

What happen when the car is hit from behind?

Kitty Was says:

I was hit by a car yesterday I was with my dad I’m ten I was in the front

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