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In this video I talk about ERF or Extended Rear Facing as well as review my car seat, the Chicco Nextfit.

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Angela ProudMommy says:

Same car seat we have! I love it! 😉

Patricia Cote says:

can u still use this car seat with just seat belt my van is a 2000 so it dose not have them where u can clip the seat in ur car like u was doing in this vid 

ItsTheTaylorCrew Vlogs says:

We got this seat for Caledon and we love it!  We had a Safety 1st Alpha Elite before and it was SUCH a pain to install, uninstall and adjust the harness.  This seat is such a piece of cake!  And it must be so comfortable, because he falls asleep every time we drive somewhere, even though he didn’t used to do that anymore.  He turned 2 in November and is 36 in tall and 34 lbs, 90+ percentile for his age.  He is still rear facing comfortably and we will keep him that way until he maxes out weight and/or height

Chelsey Taylor says:

Come to wales to Cardiff and do a meet and greet please

Jennifer Fontan says:

Really nice car seat! My son is 20 months and will rear face as long as possible.

TPerky4D says:

Love this car seat! So easy to install! Walls of car seat are high so when the roof isn’t tall in a vehicle it’s more challenging to get our daughter in. But other than that great! Great video missy! We r erf as well

Autism-Mom x2 says:

Britax! Love their car seats. Super safe, easy to install, easy to adjust. Only negative is they are $$$

Mrs.Rushy says:

Seems like a GREAT carseat however it’s so expensive. 

Elizabeth F says:

Haha if my 11 year old brother wasn’t so tall he could still ride FF in that. xD

Sophie Berry says:

out of interest as i don’t have kids or anything like that, why is it key to rear face for longer? is it purely safety that if you crash the child will not be thrown into the straps but against the seat instead? (just wondering) 🙂 x

laura c says:

is this an american car seat? Im in the UK and love this 

Lila Pierce says:

Love the extended rear facing!!! That seat and Diono are my favorites!!! I also like Britax too

Shayla Kalson says:

I should say I hope we make it till 4 rear facing! I know we will make it way past till 4 in this seat!

Andrea B. says:

Olivers hear <3

Jennifer Fontan says:

We use a diono radian rxt in our main car and graco my size 70 as our backup

The Painted Zebra (EDS Awareness) says:

I am so sorry I accidentally thumbs down. I thumbs up too so hope that reverses it xox

TanisterATL says:

I think it’s so great & amazing that you’re promoting ERF. Huuuuuuge thumbs up for that! A few things I wanted to clarify, though. “Technicians” found at fire & police stations are often not certified car seat technicians, and if they are, they often do not keep up on their certification, meaning their information/knowledge is out of date, which can be dangerous. For up to date certified techs, it’s best to visit Car Seats For The Littles’ website. Also, a tech should NEVER install a seat for you. They will show you how to install the seat, but YOU should be the one to do it, not them. Also, it’s hard to tell in this video, but I think in another video it looked as if the car seat was touching the driver’s seat. If that is so, it needs to not touch. Toyota does not allow for this and it can interfere with the car’s airbag system. It’s also always best to loosen the straps when you take him out & re-tighten them each time to ensure the straps always pass the pinch test. Thanks for making this great video, Missy!

Patricia Cote says:

also where can i find this at am in ohio my son is 8 months 

nicole le says:

Love this review! And the fact that you are choosing to ERF! Just wanted to say that not all Fire Fighters and Police man are CPSTs. (Certified Passenger Safety Technicians). Always ask to see their certification, or its not any different than getting  a stranger to instal your seat.

Traci Emory says:

I have a 3 and a half year old and we use the nautilus I believe by evenflo. I love it! It 5 posing harnesses up to 100lbs I believe and them will go into a high back booster and then a regular booster. I love that you ERF! I wish I had kept my son rear facing longer but because of health issues I felt it was safer to turn him shortly after 1.

Kady M says:

It’s actually recommended that you put your child in the middle seat if possible, it is best in the event of side impacts. Love the video though, my daughter is still RF at 22 months 🙂

The Awkward Hs says:

We use the Diono Radian RXT. We love it. The only con is that it takes up a lot of space and can end up pressing up against the front seat when it’s rear facing. But we solved that problem with an angle adjusted that you can order. It’s so spacious and allows my 16 month old plenty of leg room.

kara burke says:

I use a graco fit 4 me 70 and I will be ERF! And EH! 🙂

Maria Ogando says:

OMG he is soooooo cute! Those eyes!!!!!

Tabitha Hepworth says:

We have this seat for my 20 month old and will be calling today to complain. He can get outnof it way to easy 🙁

Alejandra Heredia says:

I use a Recaro convertible car seat and Britax love this brand

Erika Lynn says:

I have the same seat and love it but it is difficult for me to get the head part to move up and down, I don’t know if my button has issues or that is how it is for everyone? Oh well still love it!

Emily Anne says:

Just an FYI … Many police and fire stations won’t do checks anymore. If you live in a place where this is the case do a search for your local CPST. They take classes to keep up on proper installation and current safety requirements. They can also help find the best fit for your car. We extended rear face and still have my 47 lb 48 in 4.5 yo in a 5 pt harness.

MamaBear92 says:

Hey Missy,
I’m a first time mom to be and started watching daily bumps just recently! I noticed that your car seat has wheels and I thought that was the most amazing idea ever! Not sure if you’ve mentioned it in other videos but I was wondering if the wheels were a chicco accessory or where you got them? Thanks so much 🙂

babygirl19955 says:

do u care about the baby fussing and stuff or for the baby to be safety

Trisha Dawn says:

I rear faced until my son was 2! 

Stacey Maree says:

We can forward face baby @ 6 months in Australia.

SabrinasTVTube says:

Thanks so much for this review! It’s almost time for us to invest in a new car seat for our daughter who is growing like a weed! I really like this one, not only does it have the safety features that I love like the bubble indicator and 5-point harness but it also reclines and looks super comfy! And guess what we found out it comes in pink!! Awesome review I give it a thumbs up Missy!! 

Addie N/A says:

He’s so CUTEEEE! Those baby eyes! <3 

Amelia May says:

thanks for sharing Missy!!!

SarahMarieWilson says:

I plan to rear face my daughter till she’s at least 2, hoping to get to age 4!

hazeldream1984 says:

Every car seat that reclines is hard to recline once installed RF or FF. Once FF you can reach the button but the back of the seat is flat against the car seat and leave no room to move. 

Sara Jane says:

In the UK it is so difficult to find a ERF car seat! Most of them are around £400 too! I finally found a britax maxway that goes upto 25kg or 6 years old thats a bit more reasonable only a few places stock them and it’s quite a long way from me. They need to be more widely available in the UK!

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