Clek foonf Review

Jamie Grayson, baby gear expert seen on Martha Stewart and Today Show, gives you a video review and demonstration of the new clek foonf convertible car seat. Suitable from 6 months-65 lbs, with a rear-facing weight limit of a whopping 50 lbs, the foonf is a seat to be reckoned with.


Brittney K says:

Let me correct myself, I am getting rid of it Friday. Buy Buy Baby will take it as a return. It’s “33 inches Fore-Aft Measurement in Rear-Facing” in the 3rd position. Despite the stickers you can use it in the second position now and that gives a little more room. I love that you talked about the internal lock offs however I broke mine on the first day when I misread the manual. >.<

Sean says:

How is it possible you know everything about kids and you don’t have any?

Juan Su says:

Great video! Can’t wait to install mine for our little girl!

Karina Hensberry says:

According to my manual, all RF should be in recline position 3 (the most reclined) regardless of weight.

Cassie Eastman says:

This seat looks amazing, would love one for my 19 month and 4 year old! Thanks for the review!

Aubree Faunce says:

I want one now BAD!!!

Rachel Laws says:

Do they have this in the UK ??

Shaky Mommy says:

Wow, that’s an amazing car seat. Your video is so detailed – great job!

Anjie Orlowski says:

I want one so badly. I can NOT afford one though. lol Great review!

Sandy Cheung says:

hi. I have a 2013 foonf. trying to install rear facing with latch. but no matter how to tight it up it still loose by side by side. Front and back are ok. Wonder if you can share some experience. TIA

Bob Van says:

Seems like a measured review. Very helpful. Thanks.

Brittney K says:

Just a note about this seat, I have it and I got rid of it. Some drawbacks.. It does have a 50 lb weight limit but it has a 43 inch rear facing limit. Not until the top of the head reaches 1 inch below the shell fully extended. The Diono RXT/R120 has a 45lb limit but rear faces to 44 inches so height wise you will get more use out of the Diono.

IzFiyah ZONE says:

Wish it were more affordable

xiomara soto says:

I love it.. I’m getting it for my LO

Allyshia May says:

You are awesome. This was such a great review!

MsPomegranate84 says:

SO THOROUGH! You really cleared up a lot of questions I had. Thanks so much for being so awesome!!!

Laura says:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Finally a clear, realistic, packed full of the facts kind of review I have been looking for. I have been agonizing over a seat for months.  You need your own baby television show, nationally syndicated!!

amal7dxb says:

hi can i use this car seat in an airplane, i have 6 months old baby girl “Laura” and we are traveling from Dubai to NY in june im looking for a car seat to use in cars and planes.

Alysha Fisher says:

Wow, amazing car seat,thanks so much for the review, I’ve been looking for months for the perfect seat. And I just fount it

Beam Meup says:

I can’t look at the forward facing latch connectors now without seeing that creepy alien….LOL!

Keanna Pimentel says:

I’m obsessed! Just got mine & it fits perfectly center in my tiny Toyota Corolla:))) question; unclear of proper recline position for my chunk though:/ he’s 11mo &almost 25lb we’re RF obvi! But yes just want the safest position for him!

Coffee Sandwich says:

I want this car seat. The green & black one would match my car so well.

Rachel Laws says:

yh you can Look on there wedsite x

thebabyguynyc says:

because it’s my job.

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