Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat Review – Baby Gizmo

Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat Review – Baby Gizmo

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jennif97 says:

Great video with all of the important measurements-thanks!

Amie Fowler says:

They also Last 9 Years unlike other competitor carseats!!!!!!


The company has an “infant thingy” you can add to make this an infant car seat also!!

GianFromLA says:

very good video thank you

mrsdamiani88 says:

Omg my next baby for sure is getting this! Love the new technology!!! 🙂

plumkeen says:

I ended up returning this car seat for a few reasons:
1) eXtremely heavy(I can’t carry it let alone grandma)
2) magnets were not as impressive
3) there is a high learning curve, lots of levers, buttons, etc that wasn’t very intuitive
4) the price is a lot higher than the quality expected
5) the fabric pills easily,

All the great stuff is that its safest and leanest seat by combining all the good safety features of a britax (crumple zone, rebound bar, etc) and the narrow frame of a diono

Chelsea Dino says:

II LOVE THE MAGNET IDEA!! Something that annoys me daily with my sons Orbit Baby G2

Nour Lutfi says:

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plumkeen says:

and it has a 1 year warranty like most carseats but even diono has a 10 year warranty for lesser price. But the weight of this thing is 35lbs, and that’s more than many double strollers. So imagine travelling with that one.

Adina Regeling says:

Trading in my Orbit G2 Toddler car seat for this! Thanks for the review, it helped me decide which seat to purchase! 

May Sundström says:

My god never mind my kids, i want one;)

Angie Anderson says:

Too bad it can’t be used from birth like most other convertibles

Chrissj89 says:

That carseat looks awesome!

lysasama says:

I knew this carseat was amazing, but I never knew about half of the facts you listed in the review. This technology is amazing!!

DimSum says:

just ordered this and there are some issues…the crotch area is very tight, when you tighten the belt it seems to push down on the shoulders but still not very snug in the chest areas…and most concerning is that the baby’s head is kind of dangling when the baby is sleeping…anybody experience these issues?

ilumyboysal says:

I wish my van had the latch system. I love this carseat for the latch function.

Golden Carter says:

I have this seat as of last week. Things I have found. Rigid LATCH is not as easy as I thought it would be. I have to push one side on, then the other, while actually pushing on the  car seat to depress the vehicle seat cushion. Otherwise, one side of the LATCH goes above the anchor and does not attach properly. 
Another thing. For a $400-$500 seat, it should have a no rethread harness. I have a Graco Headwise 70 that only cost $140 and it has a no rethread harness. 
The base was very, very hard to push back into place once I had it installed with the rigid LATCH. I couldn’t do it, at all. I’m the CPST, but I had to have my husband come out and push the base in properly. 
I haven’t yet used it rear facing because I can’t push hard enough on the ARB to get it properly attached. I plan to try again today. 

MsBigolal says:

getting better keep it up

Rich Cockrell says:

Appreciate your review. I’m getting one!

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