Clek Fllo Install Review


birkenheath says:

I think if you’re checking out an installation video, then you’re away of the multiple head positions. I skipped to at least 14 mins to get to anything important. Not sure if we need to see/hear the whole unboxing spiel. Not trying to be rude, just in a hurry when I watched it and needed SUCCINCT info fast.

Sarah Berger says:

You only check for movement at the belt path

dreweskridge says:

Thanks for your review. I got mine out and installed the anti rebound bar right along with you! I was wondering though why you didn’t run the latch belts under the rear facing belt lockoffs?

Rockojocko says:

Getting one for my 13 month old . Nice

catherine saxbe says:

Thank you for this. So judging by the comments, an angle seat adjuster (i.e. piece of foam) can’t be used for RF?

jpretzel says:

What fabric is this?

tyndale israel says:

not sure but i think you are missing a bottom component to angle seat properly

aml716 says:

Thanks for this.. Quick question: Did u lose usability of the front seat because of the angle of the recline? I was deciding between the Clek fllo and diono raidian rxt.. I went with the rxt because of the angle adjuster as I was able to push my front seat back about 3 inches. I wasn’t sure how the Clek would be… Any insight would be appreciated!

J Lenore says:

I thought the Fllo and Foonf were rear-facing up to 50lbs in the US, and only 40 lbs in Canada? I’ve also been looking at getting this seat..

Martin D. Chao says:

Hi Jill! Thank you so much for the video! I have a post-installation question: How is the leg room up front in the passenger seat after you installed Fllo? My wife has a Kia Forte, and its interior dimensions are within 1 inch of a Elantra. Thanks in advance!

Carson Freeman says:

My wife and I purchased the same seat. Thank you for the demo, it made installation a breeze!

Ak As says:

This is not a review

Harmony MacPherson-Taylor says:

My comment is coming directly from the Clek representative.

Joseph Kim says:

Thank you for your effort, this is the best install guide better than official one!

S Kelly says:

Thank you so much for making this video!  I’ve been researching the Clek Fllo for a couple months and trying to find something online showing the fit in an Elantra GT (I have a 2013) and I haven’t been able to find ANYTHING!  I ended up ordering the Fllo this morning hoping it will fit but prepared to have to return it – now I know it will fit in my car after happening upon your video!!!

Harmony MacPherson-Taylor says:

FYI, the FLLO is if you are going to keep your little one in the middle seat. The FOONF is for when the little one is on the passenger side.

waleed alsallami says:

great video. thanks a lot . great review .may I ask u where did u buy the carseat from ?

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