Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat Video Review

Hollie Schultz of Baby Gizmo ( gives an in-depth look at the new Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat in today’s Baby Gizmo episode.
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hannah nicole c says:

This is not working

MsBigolal says:

hollie marry me mama

joe mama says:

Your video shows you installing in the seat rather than the middle. Do you have your child ride by the door or do you actually install in the middle section of the seats? If not in the middle, why not?

TheOrdinarygirl05 says:

What year pilot do you drive? I have an 08 and I need te seat to behind the drivers side or in the middle. My husband is 6’4 so the seat has to be pretty far back. Also can it touch the seat in the RF position? I know some do not allow that and you have to have space between.

panchito1609sj says:

Love this… How come they did not come out with this when I was hunting for a car seat for my baby.

pbjtuck says:

Nice review. I’m having trouble finding a seat that has a narrow enough base to allow rear facing in the center of my 2013 CRV. The base or the edge of the seat blocks the passanger seat buckles, which are rigid in the CRV. How wide is the base of the NextFit? And how far from the rear seat back does the base sit?

william ingram jr says:

you have three kids and three car seats”?? can you show us a picture of all the seats used? Would like to see how this fits with other seats. How wide is this with that cup holder in place?

oxsmpxo says:

I recently purchased this carseat and I noticed since we have our child rear facing it is difficult to tighten the harness strap. Do you have any suggestions?

Damian Rickard says:

No offense, but police and fire aren’t the only ones that have CPSTs…. I’m a CPST, run a CPS program, and I work for an ambulance service. EMS is very involved with CPS… In my town, police and fire don’t do it…they refer to us.  How about a little EMS love? We are always forgotten…until you need us. 😉  

emrldsky says:

I don’t usually comment, but I wanted to let you know that your clarification on police and fire stations with a CPST on staff was a little lost in the audio. Also, most stations do not have a CPST on staff, though some do and my concern would be those who go to those stations and get bad advice from those who are in a position of authority.

The best and safest way to insure that the advice is sound and the installation is done properly is for parents to search for a CPST in their area.

Laura Warren says:

Has anyone tried this in the middle seat of a 2015 Kia Sorento? My car is proving difficult to find car seats that fit. The middle also doesn’t have LATCH 🙁 first time mom!

Jess Rodgers says:

Do they have extra bases

william ingram jr says:

don’t trust random youtube videos from people wearing sunglasses. 😉

RealMommyLife says:

you said it’s not an install video, but install is the only features you went over with the seat, nothing else. would have been nice to see the other features of the seat, like is it washable, the padding, I heard about magnetic straps, is this true on every type of next fit?

RealLifeMillers says:

No Side Impact protection though……

Ken Smith says:

Hi guys! Check out these Graco Car Seats, the convertible seats that grow with your child. You might be so I’m sharing them to you. Check out the links below. I also saw them to have discounts for up to 40% OFF.

Anna McDermott says:

Is this available in Canada?

Erica Zepeda says:

I want this!

Nicole D says:

such a great video! thanks!

Quentyn73 says:

This review sucks

Инна Фрунза says:
Limberlain Simbulan says:

Hello, great video! One question? Is the cover removable so it can be washed?

Sherene Carroll says:

Hi, I want to know, once fixed forward facing can I change to recline positions or I have to choose the recline and fix it and it just stays that way… Because My baby likes to stay upright when awake and she likes to be reclined when she falls asleep. So I want to make sure it has this feature if I plan on buying this car seat. So question is weather I can use one or more recline positions once the seat is fixed accordingly when she is awake and asleep. Thanks a lot.

James Texeira says:

lots of terrible videos on youtube. this is not one of them. Really well done. you’re super likable and the video is super informative.. Thanks!

Gillian Walmsley-Sacino says:

I love the sunglasses!! These are really nice. I have been saying “cheeko” not keeko – oops!

Sonya U says:

Hi there, I just wondered if you will be doing a review of the latest Chicco bravo trio system? I’ve seen it on the Internet, and it looks great but I love your videos for the specs. I’m tall (5’11”) and hubby is the same height so those measurements really help to know if the handle bar would be tall enough, the seat back would be tall enough for tall kiddies etc…. Thanks so much.

Diana Fitzgerald says:

Does this carseat recline?

MsBigolal says:

love your playlists baby

Desiree Miranda says:

Can the tether be used rear facing?

Bree Buckley says:

I absolutely LOVE the nextfit!!
Great review, as always!!

Stormy Csullog says:

is the fabric removable and machine washable?

Christina Jenkins says:

Just bought one one from albee baby for 195.00 total free ship no tax. 30% off code for the Juno in green and black color. Code is JUNO30. I cant wait to get it in. Knowing im buying the best for my child in safety is a piece of mind….especially at that awesome price!

giuly prop says:

is  the cover machine washable?

teri sanchez says:

Do you have any new car seat videos?? Graco 4ever vs extend2fit. Any news when they’ll come out with new seats.

Cynthia Negron says:

so helpful! thanks for posting 🙂 wish i found you sooner!!

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