CAR SEAT SAFETY! installation, accessories, rear facing vs front facing + more!

We cover convertible & infant car seat installation, common mistakes in installation, whether or not car seat accessories are safe as well as rear facing/front facing your toddler!




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helen robson says:

That’s completely different to how we do it in the UK.

Elizabeth Fontenot says:

In the States, you can go to any police or fire station and get a car seat checked out. Also, the handle should be down when driving (up to check install, but back to drive. another potential thing for a child to hit during a collision)
ps that’s how I was able to keep using my aftermarket cover! Lol pushed back away from baby during driving

Dallas Shepherd says:

Dang it! I’m really sad that the mirror and sun shades are no-no’s.

Sammy Harris says:

love love love this video! great job getting help and helping others:) we just turned my toddler FF and she’s three and half

MeekoRulz says:

what car do you have because me and my fiance been looking

It's Our Wonderful Life says:

Great I’m expecting twins in the summer this was super informative. Glad you made this video.

Taylor Campbell says:

Good video! I wasn’t aware that you needed an arms width between back of car seat and passenger seat. My husbands not going to be thrilled when I move his seat up, he’s very tall and needs leg room but I have 2 car seats in my car from the little guys I nanny

Thecountrybumpkins says:

I am so glad that you took the time to research this topic and sought out professional help! It is so awesome that you made this video and shared the info you learned with others. Was the tech you met with certified through Saint Johns Ambulance or CPSAC? Unfortunately SJA uses some outdated information and I noticed a few points made that seemed to be outdated. For example you should never need to climb into the seat to instal it, pushing with your hand while pulling the straps should be enough (sometimes it’s a two person job) and it is widely accepted by techs that a firm tug with the non dominate hand to test for tightness of install is sufficient. As well, it is no longer ever recommended to used shelf liner under the car seat, as it can make a poor install feel much more secure than it actually is. And although you talked about rear facing being safest, It can always be repeated that every authority on car seat safety recommends rear facing to a minimum of 2 and as close

Daxii Dax says:

….. So glad we have rigid isofix instead of these strappy latch things. SO much easier to install.

carley halatsis says:

I can never get the straps tight enough, I never thought about getting on top of the seat and putting all my weight on it. Thanks for the tips!

susan Solomon says:

Hi Elle. I’m a CSPT in pa this is a great source. Can I post this on my website?

justhere forthecomments says:

Thanks so much for doing this elle!! I was definitely concerned with adding the minky cover to the seat. I’m glad you accepted that you didn’t know what you were doing hahaha it can be hard. I had no idea that the mirrors were a bad idea! Again I’m so glad you did a video like this!

Kelly Bullock says:

So glad you followed up and made this video – I worked at a baby store with a car seat installer for years and I was quite concerned with your initial attempt to install your infant seat! This was an awesome, accurate and informative video! I know it must be tough putting yourself out there on the Internet for scrutiny but you’ve absolutely done the best possible thing for your family following up and getting professional advice/installation.

Laura Redmond says:

I’m concerned about some of the things in this video. Putting an adults body weight in a child carseat can cause stress fractures to the plastic and it may not protect as well in a crash. Parent’s could possibly not be able to climb into a car seat or have a bad back and injure themselves doing the method you suggest. Grandparents that need to install a carseat also wouldn’t be able to climb into a car seat to install it. Also the aggressive tugging where the seat belt is should only be the pressure of a firm handshake. Maybe you could contact The Car Seat Lady Alisa Baer for help with a video so unsafe installation tips aren’t shared. Also join this Facebook group run by professionals:

Tirelle Starko says:

So are the JJ Cole car seat covers safe to use in an infant seat? Ours doesn’t affect the straps, I know the older version is an actual insert. But this one is basically a blanket with elastic around the edge so it hugs the seat and there’s a window flap on the front that can close if it’s windy outside to keep baby warm.

Katie Stangel says:

Great, informative video! I’m glad to know I put my car seats in properly and I’m not the only one who gets in the seat to make sure it’s nice a tight. However, I’m a little shocked about the sun shades and mirrors! It makes sense, but everyone uses those! I also didn’t know that the handles on infant seats needed to be in a certain position. I guess I can finally convince my husband to get a new car since we want to keep our daughter rear facing as long as possible, but when we’re both in the car, at least one front seat is touching the car seat. Oy vey. Times have changed a lot according to my mom. She said back in her parent’s day, they used to just put the baby in a box in the back seat. Whaaat?!

jonathan gonzalez says:

so how can I take it off the base for the infant car seat position for whenever I have to take my baby girl out to her appointments I’m having a hard time figuring that out

Kman12 12 says:

In the uk I go to the fire station where they check for free, and they say that the mirrors are fine. You just have to check that they have been tested as most of them have, especially those ones that completely strap around. So I wouldn’t just get rid of them.. Check if yours have been tested. And with the sun shade thing, you can get those sticky really light ones, where if they did fall they wouldn’t injure ☺️

Taylor Campbell says:

Woo extended rear facing! So much safer. Where I live (Oklahoma) we recently got a new law that changed the minimum rear facing age from 1 to 2 🙂

Mich Rogers says:

I just saw you at Walmart! Haha Small world! I make vlogs too, check me out. MichsFamilyLife!
Great tips for the car seat! I considered myself pretty knowledgeable about them before this video but I even learned some new stuff that I thought I knew but was wrong! Thanks so much for posting.

Laura Mitchell says:

can’t wait for the follow up, “buckling in” video. we question it each time we strap our 7 wk old in.

Robin Relosa says:

This is a great video, so informative!

Nicola tully says:

I love this I learnt something from it and you a good mother

Tracey Lomas says:

Wow I’ve been doing it all wrong since my twins went in to stage 2 seats, so the seats we have we spent a lot of money but we could never get them to fit snug they definitely move more than an inch so I think I shall have to get a professional to fit them, thanks guys for the video xx

Ambear Foster says:

ive always heard its safer to have the youngest kid on the passanger side if not in the middle

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