2017 Volvo XC90 T6: REVIEW • Car Seats Installed • Test Drive

CLICK HERE to see THE BEST Review, from a Mom perspective, of the 2017 Volvo XC90 T6! This video includes a HANDS ON review and demonstration of multiple features, Car Seats installed rear-facing and forward-facing, detailed information on the features, test drives and more!

This particular Volvo is featured in White exterior with the Blonde interior. It is the Volvo XC90 Td model with three packages included: Vision, Convenience and Momentum. This luxury SUV can fit between 5 and 7 passengers.

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To see more about this vehicle, click here! http://www.volvocars.com/us/cars/new-models/xc90

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Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions spoken in this video are mine and mine alone. The excitement I share with you in my videos is just my personality, no one is paying me to be excited! This vehicle belongs to me and I am reviewing it on my own. Rest assured, everything you see here is my 100% honest opinions, reactions and excitement 🙂


Dory Santana says:

Hi, I am actually thinking about purchasing this car. How does it drive? Does it drive light or more into the heavier side? Also, how is the power steering- drives similar to a Lexus?

Carlos Umoh says:

Great Video Kate. I’ve so many videos of this car, but yours blew it so well, especially the head lights turning at night and the cruise. I love this car. great work Kate.

Tammy Reina says:

I purchased my first car (as I had always been a leaser) in March of 2016. I was very excited and proud to put my 3 small boys (1, 3, 4 at the time) in a Volvo XC90. I had done my research and saved in earnest and had no doubt I would love this vehicle. 2 years later, I have been in to the Cranston RI Tasca dealership 7 times as I write this comment. ALL of these visits have been related to recalls and software updates and NONE have been proactive/I have had to call to report and schedule and take 3 car seats out and wait to hear my fate. Mind you I work full time and my youngest is a special needs child with many appointments I need to coordinate my schedule around. Imagine the experience of having NO ONE from the Tasca dealership or from Volvo corporate get back to you when you call to seek advice and assistance? My most recent turn? There was a “known” recall on the vehicle for a sun roof sealing issue and water was pouring into the onstar console. Also, the check engine light went on (and I assumed these might be related). I was told after I dropped the car off on Monday and was given a 4 seater sedan mind you, we expect to have the car back to you within 48 hours. Yesterday they told me more likely a week–there is a transmission line that needs to be replaced. This vehicle has less than 20K miles on it. I am exhausted at the energy I have expended to get it in and out and the experience has just been TERRIBLE. Worst purchase I have ever made and worst customer experience I could ever dreamed of. Yes–Volvo is a popular “luxury” brand and Tasca is an awarded dealership but every customer experience is what maintains your status. No one at Volvo Corporate (after several emails and phone calls) nor at the Tasca dealership seems to care about my inquiries, pleas for advice and guidance on how to stop this ongoing cycle…and I just barely miss lemon law statutes on time off the road this car has spent. That said, I will NEVER stop telling my story or working to ensure other well intentioned buyers are aware of this egregious experience.


Nice review…. Car looking grate

Sber Ey says:

Didn’t like Volvo but this one is really good. But about quality? Service? Comparing to Toyota or Lexus?

Mohsen Eskandari says:

Thank you, you guys did a really good job

Reza Zamani says:

nice review

kris_frapedias sporos says:

beautiful legs!!

Aramis Sinclair says:

will you be doing a review with all 3 babies using the dionos and the integrated booster?

Chrissy A says:

Hi Kate, great video. I am currently stuck between the Volvo and the BMW x5. I really cant make up my mind but I think I’m leaning toward the Volvo… one question… what package did you get? It looks like you went with something more than just the momentum package. Thanks!

S.J Vlog says:

Nice car .

Mason Feliz says:

XC90 The lower body is very durable.
Low arm is very thick.
The lower body is mostly aluminum. It is very strong.
However, q7 low arm is the same as a6.
If you run off-road with q7, the lower body breaks down.

Mon Mi says:

Hey this review was way better than many many “Professional reviews”.

renesilva241 says:

nice video. beautiful car for a beautiful mom. all my love and respect for you and your family!

Melinda Blonshine says:

Hi Kate – I wondered if you’re still happy with your purchase. I am super close to buying myself a 2017 XC90 but the lower reliability rating scares me, so I just wondered if you could confirm if you’re happy with yours still! Thanks!

Joe Smith says:

FYI it’s a law that girls must do car reviews in bikinis!

Jessica Bowmer says:

Do you have enough room in the front seats with the diono rear facing?

John Demerse says:

Nice review!

New Car Review says:

Me encantan los Volvos, más estos de última generación, son preciosos. Gracias por mostrarlo. !!

HusbandnWifeDuo says:

Surprisingly, the car isn’t intimidatingly big. Seems perfect for an average height man or woman.

asam farooq says:

I have same car I love Volvo I have grey colour

Ali says:

Does your model have the massaging seats option?

M M says:

Thanks Kate for this informational video. I have been leaning towards XC 90, but had few questions on engine power and infotainment systems – on which i was hoping to get your inputs on:

1. Does the 2L engine seems under powered at times, and is it noisy?, and
2. Have you had any issues with the infotainment system? Is it laggy or stops responding at times?

Thanks in advance.

Lil Riggs says:

Didn’t know what to expect but I liked this video! Very informative!

Avishek Sarkar says:

nice design …

Sat Dev says:

Great job for amateur reviewers. One thing none of the pro and other reviewers haven’t mentioned is that the icons of touch screen can be moved around and arranged to ones’s liking and convenience. Long click on an icon makes it ‘sticky’ and movable. Have mine arranged neatly.

hkn125 says:

Great video. Any problems or regrets as far as reliability, fuel use?

Wayne R says:


Andrea Valenzuela says:

weird question. what about gas? how much is a full tank depended on where you live? i hope i’m not wrong but i believe this car can be used as an electric car? how much is that.

haider elwastti says:

when the technology comes down to applications it means you’re life is in the hands of the CIA and hackers!!!

Amit Doshi says:

Thanks for sharing this information clip. Make my choice for future car purchase.

Ed Gonzalez says:

Will another rear facing car seat fit in the middle?

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