2017 Honda Ridgeline Child Seat Review

Because the Ridgeline is based heavily off the Honda Pilot, it’s just as accommodating when it comes to installing child seats in the rear. This is a major improvement over the “average” small pickup in America.

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Ze26 says:

Thanks for this. Much needed and very useful information for a growing family and homeowner.

sylvieetrichard says:

Keep on the great work, Alex! Very detailed!
From the Gaspesian peninsula!

chongolongos says:

I need room for rifles and beer in my truck not kiddy seats!

B TYC says:

Please review the Subaru Outback 3.6 Touring – huge fan of your site

HurricaneForceGaming says:

Big fan of your videos By the way. Is the 2017 Acadia on your schedule? Thanks.

FrankeNoveske says:

Alex, is the rear seating big enough in the Ridgline for 1 car seat, a booster and an Adult in your opinion?

Matthew's Car Corner says:

Alex, when will you review teh Ridgeline?

cadsux says:

It’s interesting that the Ridgeline’s cabin is roomier than the Pilot. So it’s not just a Pilot that had it’s “camper shell” removed. I suppose folks can use the neat trunk area to change their kids’ diapers, and that handy drain hole should come in handy for cleaning!

tom eng says:

Isofix come on Honda.

James C says:

which child seat would you recommend that has a tether long enough to reach the anchor point?

Chrislee55321 says:

hi Alex, any schedule on the 17 Forester?

Christopher Walken says:

long time subscriber, not a fan of that intro music lol

s moaty says:

Hi Alex. I’ve been car shopping for months and I use your reviews for reference constantly. I’ve recently learned my family will be expanding for the first time, and I’m finding your child seat videos incredibly helpful. Thank you for being so thorough and informative.

mmmaxmmm83 says:

Dude, you are like God’s gift to fathers who like cars. Your reviews are so on fire

omar mannaa says:

you should change the intro music because its a little bit childish

Alexander Webb says:

Hey Alex, how comfortable would the 2nd row be for 2 three year olds in forward facing convertible seats and a 9 year old?

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