2015 Honda Fit Child Safety Seat Review

Can you fit three child seats in the back? Can an adult sit in the front seat with a rearward facing convertible seat behind them?

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Mateo y Cande Caire says:

me aburro de tanto que abla

Robstafarian says:

That tape wind sound effect was *much* too loud, relative to your voice.


You are very tall. Do you think a rear facing child seat would fit in the middle if the front seat is positioned for someone who is 5’0″ to drive?   How much more clearance did it need before it would have fit?  If the car seat is installed behind the passenger, will my 5’9″ husband fit into that front seat?

Johntyson says:

Great reviews. Love the child seat tests. That is one of the biggest concerns for people with kids when shopping for cars. Maybe try to throw a full size stroller in the back too. When my wife and I were car shopping, our two biggest questions were, “how will the car seats fit?” and “how will our strollers fit in the back?” Again, great car reviews. Keep up the good work!

benmunger says:

your detail in your videos is amazing… thanks for making such informative videos

Bebe Speaks says:

Those Graco Classic 50 car seats look super ancient, like 2001 or earlier ancient. Why would you use ancient models for a new car? It’s more logical to use recent models instead, plus those car seats were probably expired, they lacked side-impact air protection and didn’t have EPS foam. Boring. He should’ve gone with Britax, he is British, and Britax is a British brand…..dude way to go not marketing for your local brand. Boo.

hitendra mahida says:

Awaiting for your thoughts on upcoming Honda HRV….

Kevin Ping says:

Child seats are stupid. How many of us comes from a world with excessive children protection? Andbhow many of us made it without a fucking stupid child seat?

seble gebru says:

Hi Alex – As a parent of two small children, I’m very interested in knowing how much seat space remains between two child seats when placed in the outer left and right of the rear bench seat. It’s not often, but when I do need to squeeze in a fifth passenger its critical to know if they could actually fit between them. Please add this to future videos. I’m very interested in knowing whether the Versa Note or the Fit could accommodate a 2+2+1 configuration. Thanks.

Booshkin_toys says:

Wow this helped a lot!! Thank you!

r5123 says:

lol finally a commercial worth wcthing on what is the crap known as you tube. i will sub for sure

shelly1019 says:

The car seats literally fall if you turn. Don’t get this car if you have a baby

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