2015 Honda CR-V Child Seat Review – In 4K

Can you fit three child seats in the back? Can an adult sit in the front seat with a rearward facing convertible seat behind them? Today I drive the 2015 CR-V to find out.

2016 Honda HR-V: http://youtu.be/OMFb43JnPCc
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Alex on Autos says:

Frédéric Paré, your child will generally be safest in the middle. If the child is properly restrained there should be essentially no risk of ejection, and in general coming out of a child seat with that much force and impacting a seat would likely be just as fatal. Place the seat in the center, make sure the tethers are all properly attached and the seat is firmly in place and make sure the child’s seat belts in the seat are securely fastened and not too loose or too tight.

Frédéric Paré says:

Hi Alex,

I own a 2014 CRV and since I can install a child seat in the center instead or right or left, I wonder which option is the safest for the child? Is it better for him or her to be as far away as possible from the doors (and side impacts) (i.e. in the center) or to be behind a front seat (preventing an ejection) (i.e. left or right)?



Ashley K says:

Hi there – Do you know how wide the car seat you use is? I searched for Graco Classic ride but there are a few models. Looks like I can fit two side by side with a passenger seat available for another rider – but just curious on the width of the seat you’re using. Thanks for this video! I almost got a bigger car until I saw this 🙂

Berthe Bornu says:

Thanks for those reviews Alex. Just an idea that would be nice to add: a stroller! See if you can fit it in the trunk and what space is left once it’s there. I know there are tons of models but just like the car seat, it would give an idea. Thanks again and keep up the good work.Cheers

Michelle Dale says:

These three carseats that you installed in this video, did you install all three with latch, with seatbelts, or a combination of some with latch and others with seatbelts?
I just bought a 2016 CR-V and the problem I’m having is that there are latch available anchors in each of the back seat positions, but not three DEDICATED latch attachments. You cannot put two latch hooks on the same anchor. Also, the center back seat seatbelt is inaccessible if the passenger behind the driver is using their seatbelt.

Darryl Levine says:

Hi Alex. Thank you for these videos. Thanks especially for that bit comparing the rear seat size to the Accord (spoiler: Accord has more width room.) That was exactly what I needed too know. I really appreciate it.

John Hughes says:

Would this be the same size seats as a 2009 crv?

LivingPsalm_46:5 says:

Would this be the same factors, with a child seat in the Honda HRV?

Anthony Lujan says:

Hi Alex, any chance you’ll be doing a child seat video for the Toyota Rav?

Wayne Szutu says:

Hi Alex, since you are doing a full detailed review on the CRV, I am sure you know the idle vibration with it due to design flaw by now and currently Honda has not fix for it, can you do a very specific review with this issue that affects lots 2015 owners and yes I did experienced the vibration with the demo. Now there is an Investigative Report in progress in the States

mrylo1 says:

I went to test the CR-V to install two car seats (passenger side and center). Once the center car seat was installed with the shoulder belt, it completely covers the buckle for the driver’s side seat making that seat unusable for another passenger. Did you happen to encounter the same problem?

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