2015 GMC Yukon Chevrolet Tahoe Cadillac Escalade Chevrolet Suburban child seat review

Can you fit three child seats in the back? Can an adult sit in the front seat with a rearward facing convertible seat behind them?

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Ho well do child seats fit in the Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban and Escalade? In this video I explore the 2015 GMC Yukon and see how family friendly it is. Because the Chevy, GMC and Cadillac all share the same basic platform, this review also applies to the other brands. Keep in mind that the Suburban, Escalade ESV and the Yukon XL all have an additional 10+ inches of third row leg room. How well do two child seats fit? How about rear-facing infant seats? Two seats and an adult? I answer all these questions and more.

The child seats used in the video are the Graco Classic Ride 50 which was selected because it was the top selling convertible seat on Amazon at the time. The dimensions are very middle of the road, so depending on the size of your child seat things may turn out differently. Please always remember to check with a certified child seat inspector locally if you have any questions about proper installation.
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Pier-Alexandre Lemay says:

+Alex on Autos  Is it just an illusion of does the back wiper only wipes the right side of the window? How does it affects the view? thanks

Joel Stein says:

Where is the 2015 Sonata Limited?  VERY LATE.

CanadianCarReviews says:

You don’t look very comfy when showing the three across.

Joyface D says:

hey, you have been introducing baby seats in cars for a while, do you have kids? or you just offer some info for people who have kids?

Kip Amore says:

Ah the Graco car seat. If I ever meet the man who designed that horrible jigsaw puzzle of a latch, I promise you I will punch him in the dick repeatedly. 

CanadianCarReviews says:

You don’t look very comfy when showing the three across.

Sherry Adjei says:

so i should get the suburban if i want more room?

Cody Thompson says:

Alex, you’re awesome at what you do.  I hope you can continue doing this for a long time because you offer, by far, the most relevant consumer information about vehicles available on the market.  Other YouTube auto review channels are great in their own ways, but they are certainly chasing yours.  Please continue!

Tori Bradshaw says:

Would it be possible for you to tell us in ur newer videos the weight restrictions on tbe cars latch systen? This can also be a huge help when considering a car.

ParkwayJoe81 says:

can u please test the car seats in silverado/sierra?????

Rich w says:

I always heard latch anchors aren’t that safe and to use seatbelts to hold seats in

trqmj says:

0:34 WRONG. the long version have more leg room in the 3rd row seat in addition to the extra room in the trunk. I hate it when people give reviews without doing in-depth research.

Steven Solomon says:

Alex – you said in the video that LATCH is the safest way to secure car seats.  I thought LATCH was designed to be more convenient and less likely for parents to mess up installation – seat belts actually have a much higher weight capacity than LATCH anchors when they are used correctly. 

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