2015 Dodge Challenger Child Seat Review In 4K

Can you fit three child seats in the back? Can an adult sit in the front seat with a rearward facing convertible seat behind them?

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filmsbuster says:

great! now I just need money and wife

Abbasi 01 says:


nunya bizzniss says:

If you put a child in your challenger, You don’t deserve to have one!

Mopar Man says:

Glad my kids are old enough to ride in the seats but good to know my golf clubs/golf gear will fit in the trunk.

ver cor says:

i love my challenger

mountainhobo says:

Alex, which Challenger review do you keep referring to? This one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTQDb7VEUZ4 from 2 years ago? I can’t find anything newer on your channel.

- B0W53R - says:

how large is alex ?

B-MAN says:

BAH Automatic don’t care! MOVING ON! 😛

Frank Zarco says:

awesome review!! thank you

Carlo Orozco says:

Thanks for this video! My wife is giving me the “stink eye” because she doesn’t think we’ll be able to fit our 7month old in the challenger I just ordered! 🙂

Solo Veritas says:

Very well presented, thank you so much!

jkcyriac23 says:

Can you please do a car seat video for the 2016 Chevy camera and maybe also show the thinner car seats as well. Thanks again for the great video reviews.

C12Y3T8L says:

yes you can I can fit my convertible doona car seat perfectly in my back seat 2015

Highway Cruiser says:

finally someone did it!!! Child seat review in Dodge Challenger!!!!! Now I can go and buy one and not feel short of space for all kids. I thought it is small for kids back there, but it is just small for me personally. It is great! Thanks for the review, Alex, so appreciate it. 

Shay C says:

what about rear facing?

Robert Hall says:

You are a modern day saint! Liked, subscribed and video shared with my wife!

biggahboy says:

How reliable is the challenger?

Jason Nichelson says:

why not try it with a Dodge ram 4 X 4 3500 and ram 2500 4×4? trucks are best for safety

GreatToastMigration says:

Why am I watching this? I’m only 20 and don’t plan on having kids anytime soon. Haha

I still enjoyed the video none the less. Perhaps I’ll keep this in mind when I finally get the chance to buy a used Challenger. 🙂

Temeaka Williams says:

Challenger or Camaro only meant for 2people or couple friends if you’re gonna be in for couple hours.

Mr_ NutZ says:

this has been very helpful!!

kiana lawrence says:

I’m so happy I found this video. I’m going to be buying a car soon and I definitely wanted this to be my car. However, I was having second thoughts as I am also considering kids in the near future. I’m very happy to know that I can fit child seats safely in this car.

Terquilla says:

Is there ventilation in the trunk for the times you have the child seats in there?

Liam1694u says:

James Leer: Now, that is a big trunk. It holds a tuba, a suitcase, a dead dog, and a garment bag almost perfectly.

Grady Tripp: That’s just what they used to say in the ads.

Manuel Vazquez says:

Is the backseat the same size as an frs?

Jon D says:

The Hellcat and Scat Pack models could lead to pregnancy, so this is great!

Toni says:

very good review thank u!

Eric Merchant says:

That’s awesome now I know I can get me a challenger

jjs777fzr says:

I own a 2004 Monte Carlo SS (2 doors of course) and I can fit my 4 kids in comfortably. Its one of the longer cars you can find so figured the Challenger would be out of the question. To my surprise the Challenger rear seat width is listed as wider than the Monte Carlo. Now its just a matter of pulling the trigger. Great video.

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