2014 Honda Civic Child Seat Review

In this week’s child seat review we take a look at the 2014 Honda Civic sedan. I’ll answer the question “will three child seats fit in a Honda Civic?”, talk about adults and child seats coexisting on the rear bench seat and see how accommodating the Civic’s trunk is.

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AndreH says:

Hi Alex, I’m curious which compact can best accommodate 3 child seats in your opinion based on the graco seats you have. Thanks for another excellent review.

future62 says:

You should post these ancillary vids after you post the reviews. They are good but I think people would rather see the full reviews first.

Jorge Urdaneta says:

hey Alex you’re the only car reviewer I see around that spend some time in this important detail. It is good to know if a child seat will fit nice or will make useless the whole rear seats

ambu says:

Thanks, very helpful

Joe Drews says:

Thanks for this. It’s exactly what I was looking for while shopping for a new Civic.  I’ll have a backwards facing infant carseat behind the passenger, and my 5 year old front facing convertible behind me.  That should fit okay, correct?

Shades_of_Trends says:

yes i just purchase a honda civic 2014 and soon will be 3 kids what is the name of those car seat?

thyme su says:

very good video. Shows exactly what I am looking for

Jessica Heath says:

I love youtube. It answers all of life’s persistent questions.

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