Review: Graco SlimFit All-in-One Convertible Car Seat in Maxwell (Lethal Suburban)

New baby seat to grow with Ryan, I love the all-in-ones as I never have to buy another one again. But the Lethal Suburban has a new item to tote around.

Car seat:

This product was purchased at Babies’r’us.

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camaro_ boy_z28 says:

Hey man! I was wondering what you do for a living to be able to afford the camaro and suburban. I’m a student and when im older I want that exact set of cars.

Fabreezy25 says:

thanks for your review… your son is so cute

SwazyHog says:

An actual install video would be helpful.

adamwestsi21 says:

I just got one of these and was interested if yours does the same thing? The top adjustable head portion moves like it’s not tight, does yours? Thanks friend!

Natasha Robateau says:

Hi what is the weight and height for forward facing in this car seat. I have a 7 month old and he’s 29in 20lbs

bfee20021 says:

OMG. I liked the video but you’ve been reduced from Camaro reviews to baby seat reviews?

Angel Tripp says:

little dudes chest clip needs bumped up just a tad. thank you for this review I can’t find a video review on this seat ANYWHERE.

Dawn Zimdars says:

Your video is great! I have twins and have been looking at these seats. What are they like forward facing? Can you do that video? I have a Dodge Caravan but one day see another car in the future. Thanks again!!

Cassie Anderson says:

This is a 4 in one. Not a convertible.

RENE says:

that’s the Recaro of baby seats.

Aviad Elfassy says:

Hey Matt, your Camaro is on the official Chevi site on the fifty page. Saw it twice. Made me proud ☺

Maria Morales-Beale says:

Great review, thanks! My husband and I just bought this for our youngest son of 9 months. Our 1 year old already sits pretty, but I’ll likely grab another one of these for our other car. Handsome boy you’ve got there!

Z06 Juan says:

I don’t have kids but if I did, I would get the recaros out of looks lol

Audacity says:

Your baby is cuter than I ever was

Dora Murga Milla says:

omg es el unico video del slimfit de graco deverdad muchas gracias por el review

Rachel Dillow says:

Thank you for sharing!

Gunnar Coffman says:

will it fit in the camaro? the car seat I have doesn’t fit very well u have to scoot the passenger seat all the way up for my child to sit comfortably

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