PART 7: Maxi Cosi Pria 85 Max Convertible Car Seat Review


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So obviously safety is most important when considering which carseat to get. So we’re gonna dive into those features first. The Pria 85 Max features a flex tech construction in the frame. And basically what that means is that it offers flexible and rigid parts to accommodate different kinds of car impacts. Now I’m not an engineer so I don’t know exactly how this works but it does seem effective in a car accident. They also pass the proposed but not required side-impact testing from NHTSA. Now that’s the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, I know that’s a mouthful but I like to see when brands are going above and beyond the basic standard of safety. They also pass the EU roll over testing and that’s actually true in all Pria models so that’s awesome that they offer than in all of them. Now they also have in this one the ever so popular air protect technology. And that’s gonna be in both head rests adding increased side-impact protection where you want it most, by the head. So they have some awesome features to make this car seat just a little bit safer. Now this car seat offers the highest weight limit range on the market, it’s the only convertible car seat that you can use from 5 to 85 lbs. Now for rear facing it’s 5 to 40 lbs and forward facing you can use it form 22 to 85. And the way that they can do that is with your infant wedge. And this you have to use from 5-11 lbs and then up to 15 lbs is optional, but then you do need to take it out. They also have the support pillow in here, this is always optional until you get to forward facing and it’s just a comfort feature to make your baby more comfortable. So it’s awesome that you can use this car seat longer than any other car seat on the market. Ok so here’s my favorite part, they added some features that make it more convenient for parents. And lets be honest as parents we want things to be easier and less frustrating. So they added their clip quick chest clip which is really cool. It’s hard to do as a child so those tricky little fingers that always get their buckles undone their not going to be able to do that with this.
Remember my, my mom and dad can’t, my mom and dad can do it cause only I can’t do it because cause I’m a kid. To get it undone you just squeeze and slide. One handed it’s very easy, it’s also easy to do if you just line it up it’s going to connect. And that’s gonna make it easier to secure your child in there. What they also offer is on the crotch buckle they have a flip back motion and what this is gonna do is keep this buckle out of the way so it’s not getting tucked in under your baby’s bum when you’re trying to get it connected. So I love that feature as well. They also offer these side clips. And what these are gonna do is keep your buckle out of the way when buckling in your child. So when their out of the way you can put your child in without having to fumble with buckles. So all these features together just gonna make it easier to secure your child in their seat. Now Maxi Cosi is known for their awesome fabrics. All of their covers are machine washable and dryer safe. Which is awesome. Parenting is a messy job and car seats are no exception. So it’s nice when it’s easy to clean. Now they offer premium fabrics in the nomad collection which I love this is the nomad blue it feels awesome it’s beautiful, trust me it looks much better in person. One of the awesome things though is that you don’t have to uninstall the seat to get the cover off. And trust me, I tried it yesterday and it was much easier than I expected. It has buttons here that you’ll just detach, throw it in the wash and put it back on and it wasn’t difficult to put it back on, it’s very intuitive. So I love that they make it easy to keep your job clean. Now MAxi Cosi is a premium European brand, but it’s manufactured in the US which is awesome. That means for customers, you get more use out of your car seat, you don’t have to wait for it to ship overseas where it’s using up some of your expiration date. So it’s awesome that you get to use your car seat longer.


khamova24 says:

Watched several reviews of this car seat and this was the most comprehensive and Succinct. Thank you!!!

Sesalie Hurtado says:

Do you know if this will fit in a BMW 535i?

Brenda Austin-Martinez says:

Could you show how to reinstall the cover?

Shana Martin says:

What is the difference between the Pria 85 and Pria 85 Max??

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