Nextfit IX Zip Convertible Car Seat Review


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So today I’m excited to show you the brand new Chicco Nextfit IX Zip. So they do get excellent ratings for convenience features but also for safety ratings which is awesome. So first they have steel reinforced frame and those are going to run down the frame of the car seat and forcing it so that its substantial in the event of a car accident. Now they also lined the inside of the frame with EPS foam. EPS foam is designed to absorb the energy in the event of a car accident and kind of break absorbing that energy. So that is an awesome feature as well. Lastly the last safety feature that’s awesome is the fact that it’s easy to install.

So this car seat has a pretty good weight range. You can start using it as little as 5 lbs. So you can bring your baby home from the hospital in this seat. Now rear facing you can go up to 40 lbs which is pretty average for rear facing weight capacity and then forward facing you can start using at 22 lbs up to 65lbs. Now 22 lbs is a minimum not recommended. You want to keep your child rear facing as long as possible reaching those limits of the seat. Whether that be the weight limit or the height limit. And the reason for that is in the event of a car accident if they were riding rear facing then their neck and spine are completely supported by the back of the seat and that’s going to reduce the chance of a head or neck injury and obviously that’s the most important.

Now I am a CPS Certified Tech which stands for Child Passenger Safety Technician and yes that’s the same training that those fireman and police officers get. So if you’re local come on in and we can check out your installation in person we also have a couple more CPS Techs here in the store but if you still have questions and you can’t come in then leave us a comment below or even send us an email at we love to answer those questions for you. Now with this seat what’s included. Now you get this cool cup holder and this you can move from one side to the other depending on where it’s most convenient. Usually compared to your door or which side you’re installed on. And it also comes with an infant insert and this you should use from 5 to 11 lbs. Now once your child reaches 11 lbs you do need to take that insert out.

With the Chicco Nextfit it is a bit on the heavy side it’s also a little bit bulky so you’re going to have trouble getting three car seats in a row if that’s what you need, so something to consider.

The things that we love about this car seat. First of all customer ratings are excellent, that means parents are happy with it after they purchase which is a good indicator that it’s a good car seat. Also I love the recline I love how easy it is to use and how easy it is to read. I love that you can just zip off this cover for easy cleaning and the machine wash-ability and I love the latch system I do love that you have these storage compartments and that it is integrated. It just takes the guess work out of installation and that to me is always a plus.

So the Chicco Nextfit IX Zip retails for $349.99 or if you want that budget friendly version without the zip feature that one is $299. Now you can purchase those in store or online at where everything ships for free and we even price match so it doesn’t have to cost you more. Now if this video was helpful and you enjoyed it give us a like or even subscribe to our YouTube channel where we have a lot more informational videos.


Jacky Ekoue says:

Thanks for the review. I’ve been looking for a review on the IX zip. Now I know which car seat I want to get my daughter

Hannah Schaffer says:

I thought a lot of people hate chicco because they aren’t very safe??? Could be wrong

Hannah Schaffer says:

I always hear all these parents hating chicco and saying bad things about it and buy britax instead! Buy Diono instead. Buy a high end seat.. that’s all I hear

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