We are loving our new Chicco Nextfit CX Convertible Car Seat (in Skylight pattern)! Watch to hear what I like and don’t like about the seat.

ASK KATIE! When’s baby #2??




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abntiffie2005 says:

Hi Katie!! Just wanted to let you know make sure you close the seat belt lock offs as well before use!!

mason family says:

are you selling her car seat cause my sister needs one

Brandi Lynn says:

I love this car seat, this is the one we use for our 9 mo. old now. The safest place for your child is in the middle of the car so that if you are hit on either side of your car your child is safe in the middle. I understand it may be more convenient and easier for it to be on the side, but I believe that a little inconvenience for me is ok if my baby is the safest he can be. Just a little tip.

Pavel-Yulia Ihnatovich says:

one of the best,sharp review I could ever find! thanks Katie!

Tiffany Wheeler says:

We have 5 car seats of all different brands. Our favorite is the maxi cosi pria 70 with tiny fit. We’ve used it with a 3mo old and the up to 2.5 now. It’s my easiest seat to install rear facing!

rachel swan says:

hiI’m Rachel and i am a mommyof 2 baby boy Matthew and Noah and i love the CHICCO I want two for my kids

Madyson Whitehead says:

how much was that car seat

Kiera O'Neill says:

She’s so cute!!

Sherla Colston says:

Thank you so much your video was so helpful

Chaitra Pollard says:

I need one immediately!

Mama Bee says:

When I first watched this and your vlog I thought you were crazy for getting this over the Britax – I had just ordered a Britax Boulevard. Then I got the Britax… it is so dang annoying and hard to adjust, the straps don’t do right and my kid screams in it. He doesn’t scream in his infant bucket seat. So I’m returning it to get this seat – plus cuter color and has just as good of a safety rating. Although, I’m wondering how annoying it will be to install via the seat belt since LATCH only allows like 30 lbs.

Charles Harmon says:

Im curious how easy/difficult it is to clean!

Thabs plhesk says:

How much is it ?

It's Us. says:

Awesome review Katie! We have the Maxi-Cosi pria 70. My biggest issue is the strap tightening too with it being against the seat. I don’t know how your seat works from behind. But, with ours you can actually pull the straps down from the back and then pull the front strap tight that way! It has made a HUGE difference 🙂

Chaitra Pollard says:

Online purchase?

ava macapagal says:

Very helpful

lynn thomas says:

thanks for the video.
I am for sure getting 2 for my kids. it’s very helpful to have different people’s opinions.

Alexis 5678 says:

I was 3 pounds

Alanah Jane Otway says:


Mama Bee says:

Bought the Britax Boulevard and we are returning it this week for this carseat because the Boulevard is SO uncomfortable and the straps on ours stick in a really unsafe way. Glad I saw your video because this is definitely the color we are getting our son

Kylee Blair says:

I like that career I won’t the infent set can I have it please

kids glover says:

ollie carsete

pretticurlgurl08 says:

Thanks for this! We are in the process of deciding between this one or the graco. This definitely helps!!

CoolKidsInMaine says:

we just ordered this exact seat!! This makes me so excited for it to get here!!

Ann Casias says:

We use this one for my little man Caleb. He loves it!

VAgirl life says:

super helpful video…i really want his color for our next car seat..we are moving up from the chicco infant seat!!!!

Bushell Alia says:

First of all, OMG your whole family is too cute.  I wish I found you earlier, I had another convertible car seat (which shall remain nameless) and it took literally 10 of us to install pulling, pushing rocking ad sweating.  I took it to the police station to double check our work (because we knew it was off)  It took 2 sergeants 45 minutes to get it installed correctly.  Then my sweet cheeks little head flopped all over when he fell asleep.  My mom always said you get what you pay for, so I switched that car seat to my husbands car, cause baby boy is almost never in there.  I already threw away the box so I couldn’t return it.  I grabbed all the 1st birthday gift cards went down to Target and got the Chicco Next fit!!! CHANGED OUR LIFE!!!!  It took 25 minutes and 1 person (ME) to install it.  Baby boy can relax and sleep with out his head flopping and me worrying about cutting off his air supply.  THEN I find your review I could have saved myself and others some energy and money,  I will still take it to the police station for verification, you can never be too safe. I am sitting here now watching all reviews.  Keep them coming, you all are so helpful and REAL.   Greatly appreciate ya’ll!!!

conner john says:

How much does car seat company pay you?

Priscilla Stauffer says:

Hi Katie, I’m looking for an all in one car seat for my 11 month old and I remembered you made this video and your still using it. One thing you didn’t address and is a concern for me is do the kids get really hot in this one. My little guy gets so hot and sweaty in his infant car seat and is one reason I’m wanting to change.

d allen says:

Looks like Tanya Harding!!

jwoww7911 says:

I’ve been struggling on which convertible car seat to get my daughter, Callahan! thank you for this review:)

That Thing You Do says:

What kind of vehicle is that Katie? We have the newer zip version of this seat! And we are expanding our family and just wondering what kind of car you have!? 🙂 looks like yours fits both baby car seats nicely..

Nicole Herrley says:

What are the car seat laws where you live? Here in Colorado they have to be in a car seat or booster until they are 8 years old.

Emma Grace says:

Isn’t 65 pounds like a 9 year old?

Priscilla Lara says:

thank you for your insight. you hit all the great features

Catherine Summers says:

Does the five point harness come out so it can be used like a booster seat?

Lila Pierce says:

don’t love the chicco convertibles… the infant seats are ok tho. my favorites are diono or britax and i like the peg perego infant seat

Frances Jones says:

Let me guess, Chicco sponsored?

Chaitra Pollard says:

Where did you find this? I have been to a couple of stores.

Bordeaux Rose says:

I’m due in Nov and want to say thank you for making this video because I will be purchasing this for my son:)

Innessa916 says:

I Love the Graco 4ever car seat

My Darlin, Rose says:

i have a seat similiar to this seat the onky downside of this is when she wears layers the length of the harness is not long enough so im always struggling with it..

Sabrina Novak says:

what kind of SUV does this fit into rear facing easily?

smedei07 says:

I hate how with these type of car seats you can’t just buckle them in without a base how you can with infant car seats. I have the Chicco key fit 30 infant car seat for my 8 months old but it’s time to get a new one and have been looking at this car seat as well. But that’s the only thing I don’t like about convertible seats

Madeeha Warraich says:

Hi Katie, this video brought me to your channel and I’m so glad, love your enthusiasm! I have a question about the next fit. Why didn’t you consider the nextfit zip? I have a 6 month old and am trying to decide between the nextfit cx or should I spend the extra money on the nextfit zip?

Blue Eyes says:

Has anyone had the problem of they’re little ones slumping almost sideways in a convertible seat? My son always does he’s 24 lbs & 34 inches long (Almost 11 months, no matter how many seats I’ve tried it never fails his poor little head just goes sideways like too the point were he’s not safe an it freaks me out. We have the chicco infant seat that her daughter use too use but he’s almost reached the max weight I need suggestions on which car seat would help keep his head straight up an him from slumping inwards. IMO It’s unsafe, I’ve used receiving blankets, an plush blankets too jeep him upwards but never fails.

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