Maxi Cosi Pria Convertible Car Seat – Crash Test Mom Reviews

Natali crash tests the Maxi Cosi Pria 70 – a luxurious car seat that converts between infant and toddler. Although it’s quite cozy, clean-ups are a real bitch. So is it worth it? Let’s find out!

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The Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 is a very nice car seat – one of the nicest that money can buy. It is also the biggest bitch to disassemble and clean. Worth it? For me, yes. I can’t exactly get my J-Lo into this seat, but I can tell it’s far more comfortable for my child than the other car seats I’ve tried.

Long Life – you can use it when your baby is anywhere from 9 to 70 pounds, so it fits newborns and toddlers alike
VERY comfortable
Easy to adjust
Easy to change the configuration from newborn to infant

The cup holder doesn’t come out to clean, so it gets funky. My son would argue that it is totally cool to have a drink/snack holder, but he’s not making these lists
Convertibles don’t double as baby carriers for your infants – you can’t take it in/out of the base. I wouldn’t give that up, but this is a good option for a secondary car. You can find our review of Maxi-Cosi’s infant car seat here.
Difficult to change configuration from rear-facing to forward-facing. I did this in the snow, and I was so frustrated and confused that I nearly pulled an office space on it
Hand-wash only – The extra soft, comfy padding is not washing machine-compatible. After you spot-clean, you have to wait for it to air dry, which takes more than a day. This means life is impossible – how can you go without your car seat for an entire day?
Hard to put the seat cover back on once it’s clean and dry. We’re talking blood, sweat, and tears. I hated life.

Baby Bling
Bang for your Buck


A Wilson says:

We are looking at the Britax Pavilion and this one.  You had a Britax before.  Between the two which would you recommend?  This looks more comfortable, but is it as safe and easy to use as the Britax? This would be used in a Rav4.  

trinidy flinders says:

I was wondering about the recline on this, you said it was very easy but how many recline options does it have or is it continuous? We had a difficult time getting the correct angle for rear facing with another brand and want something that will be in the correct recline angle without shoving pool noodles underneath.

Priscilla Banuelos says:

Well i was hoping u would talk about the incline and how well it fits in small cars and such.. The whole latch system belt and how its attached to the car seat is the same as the cosco convertible seat i have. I think its better that way cuz then when u remove it you put it somewhere in the house and later u cant remember where it is.

honeypatch says:

Not sure how comfortable I would be taking advice from someone who doesn’t even put their children in the car seat properly. Like with the picture of your 8 month old, the chest clips are way down by her belly button. They’re called chest clips for a reason; they go on the chest! Straps are also too loose.

Maybe learn about proper car seat safety if you want to continue to give advice to people.

MsFish624 says:

How does it fit in smaller vehicles? I have a Prius and I’d like to know if I’m going to have room with this bad boy. (On the up side, Mommy and Daddy have short legs, so we don’t sit far back.)

sleepylife says:

hahaha love the office space reference.

Liz Anne says:

Thank you for this review!  I’m pretty sure this is the convertible I will be getting for my car.  Have you thought of cleaning using a carpet spot cleaner? I use it to clean my car, and I think it would work for this seat also. 

Madlizzzie says:

Any reviews for the new Pria 85 yet? It’s allegedly MUCH easier to remove & clean the cover.

I'm With Nasty says:

Too bad you focus more on trying to be “edgy and funny” and less on being knowledgeable about car seat safety.
Thumbs down on this lame review.

Dark Side Challenger says:

wow, I love all the moms that take to using youtube to make an extra dime to plug their amazon %

Martha Ramirez says:

Help I took apart my pria 70 apart to wash and now I can’t put it back together any video’s out there that can show me

sofeelaki says:

i just cracked up watching you!  thanks  for all the help!

Jade McClain says:

I agree with Miranda Cameron.

Akiye Rebekah says:

Their website and every description of it says you can machine wash and dry it

ximena barat says:

I have to disagree with the cleaning part. I washed it in the washer with cold water and dried in dryer on tumble low and came out great! Also super easy to put back on! I don’t understand how you scratched yourself… Anyway, this carseat is awesome and baby loves it!!!!!

Coffee Chai And Makeup says:

you need to stop using the terms “crash test review”. as good as your vidoes are and trust me they are very informative, the usage of terms crash test rating is misleading. not for me but it potentially could be for another parent. i would put a disclaimer if i were you.

Stephanie Quintini says:

Also, just so you know, I loved the fact that you were “edgy and funny” in this video. 😉 <3 <3

Amanda Cameron says:

Love the video, but the photos show incorrect belt positions and loose straps… very disheartening

lovelylouro says:

Natali!! I’m a big fan! I watched you on CNET Loaded! It’s not the same without ya! =-)Just got my pink Pria in today and about to go tackle it! Thanks and great review!

Anthony Rivera says:

Also the lady in the video has no idea how to put a kid in that carseat. all the pics of the straps are lose and low. and you RF up to 4 not 2. idiot

Christine Mertz says:

I actually have this car seat I machine wash it and have no issues getting it back together.

BolognaVest says:

This is is such a terrible car seat.  We bought it for our second car, and while she gets the things that are bad about it right, she misses a bunch (or flat gets them wrong).

Recline:  The recline handle is easy, but the recline itself has only two possible rear-facing positions, and they are a long way apart from one another.  My car (and most I’d wager) would be better served by one in the middle.

Loosening Straps:  Loosening the straps the traditional way (pulling them away from your toddler’s chest while pressing the button) is nearly impossible.  Because we’re still rear-facing there’s a work around, you pull on the straps behind the car seat to loosen them while pressing the button.  As others have mentioned, all the images of her kids strapped in show the straps too loose, so maybe she’s never noticed that this is a problem.

Cleaning:  It does take a while to hang dry, but if you have a front-loading washer with a hand-wash setting, the cover holds up just fine.

One thing she did get wrong about the bad is the cupholder:  It does come out, but the design to get it out is still poor.  Specifically, if you lift the cover off in the area where the cupholder is, you can remove it by removing the two screws on the bottom of the cupholder.  These screws require a Torx-20 driver (the “star” kind), so you’ll need one of those or a handy neighbor.

Overall, we bought this because it’s a second car seat, it’s lighter than our first one, and it was almost half the price.  That said, even though it’s in daddy’s vehicle it gets as much use as the one in mommy’s.

But our first car seat is the Chicco NextFit Zip and it is 100 times easier in every way, has 9 recline positions for a perfect fit in every car, has a LATCH system that shifts from forward to rear facing in 10 seconds (without removing the cover), has no obstructions to loosening the straps, has velcroed strap pads so that you can pop them in the washer without undoing the straps, and even appears to be more comfortable for our toddler.

Natali Morris says:

Yikes! Ms Fish, forgot your response. So sorry! The answer is NO! This is one of the bigger seats. My husband gets a little squished in the front seat when he is in front of the carseat. It’s bulkier than most that is for sure. And Lovely, thank you!!

Sandy S says:

Installation was pretty easy rear facing with the latch.. not complicated at all..honestly this car seat is amazing and you dont use that carseat for a newborn..

Elizabeth Gutierrez says:

Great video but your child’s chest clip is way too low in the video

CarNut .kiwi says:

Love your vid 😀 make sure your check out my playlist and subscribe! Thanks 😀

Katherine GS says:

You are so wrong. And may confuse people who wants to buy it. It’s definitely machine washable. And it is shows clearly on the official website of maxi-cosi.

TheSherilyndria says:

natali do you know if the tiny fit model has the comfy matching neoprene material leg guard on the belt buckle?  I really love that option.  It is a necessary, and i’m not sure if i can buy one separately.  Thanks for the non-complicated, thorough review!  It was great!

Mama Bee says:

Can everyone please stop talking about the kids straps being loose – clearly they’re loose because the kid is asleep and the car is stopped – how else would she have taken the photo? She probably loosened the straps because she was about to take her out. Don’t be stupid

Natali Morris says:

The only way I have been able to do that without staining is to use a brush and some very light soap and water. But I had to hang it dry and it took almost 3 days! 3 days is a LONG time to be without your carseat! How did you wash it to begin with?

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