GRACO 4Ever Convertible Carseat [Product Review] Infant, Convertible, Booster, and Backless Booster

The Graco 4Ever Convertible All-In-One Carseat is one of the best convertible carseats on the market. It converts from an infant carseat to a convertible to a booster to a backless booster seat to accommodate a child from 4-120lbs. Graco boasts that this is the last car seat you will ever have to buy as it is intended to last 10 years!

Babies R Us description:
Graco® 4Ever™ All-in-One Car Seat

Graco’s 4Ever All-in-One Car Seat gives you 10 years with one car seat. It’s comfortable for your child and convenient for you as it transitions from rear-facing in a harness for your infant (4 – 40 lbs.) to a forward-facing, five-point harness seat (20 – 65 lbs.) to a high-back, belt-positioning booster (30 – 100 lbs.) to a backless, belt-positioning booster (40 – 120 lbs.). For a proper fit, the Simply Safe Adjust™ Harness System and 10-position headrest let you adjust the harness and headrest together, with no rethreading. The six-position recline keeps your child comfortable, while the InRight™ LATCH system with one-second attachment makes installation easy. It’s the only seat that truly goes from baby to booster!

GRACO 4 ever [Forever] Convertible Car seat – Product Review – Infant, Convertible, Booster, and Backless Booster


Allyson Marthaler says:

When baby is an infant, is there a way to take the car seat out and carry it like you would a typical infant carrier?

heather love says:

Does anyone know what the black band with a red hook type thing on it that came in the same packaging as the manuals is for? I looked through the while manual multiple times and can’t figure out what it is for.

Brad Wayne says:

I’m confused.   Most carseats manufacturers have been saying for years that carseats expire after 6 or 7 years.  Why am I supposed to believe this carseat is magically exempt from the expiration issues?    I’m just not convinced this carseat will make it from birth to graduating out of backless booster seat around 8 or 10.

kelly flowers says:

How do you make the arm belt bigger because it doesn’t fit my baby arms?

melizzz924 says:

is this acceptable by the hospital after delivery when removing the baby??

Perla Flores says:

Hi does anyone know if I can use the latches when switched to forward facing? Or seat belt? I did the seat belt but still feels loose and had my cousin tie with the anchor feels a little better.

Angella Shin says:

We’ve always used the graco snap and go carseats with the car base. So we were able to take out the infant carseat and attach to our stroller. Since this is a stationary carseat, I would need to get another travel system right? How did you do it in the infant years?

Manuel .Yañez says:

hello, is possible to install without LATCH System?

Laura Leavitt says:

Wait the instructions say to use the bottom cushion until 20 or 22 pounds …. why aren’t you using it for your 18 pound 6 month old !? If you are doing a review and teaching parents how to use this shouldn’t you be using it correctly !

simone dunham says:

size wise, would it fit in a nissan sentra? do you put it in the middle seat?? also, when placing in the car do you have your kid in then use the bubble to get the right fit?? ftm here lol

The Ericksons says:

We’re potty training and my daughter has an accident in her seat. I took it apart and threw everything but the straps in the wash and wiped down the base as best I could but it still smells. Is there a way to clean under the seat better? It seems like it’s coming from under the reclining area.

Dominique Ehrlich says:

I have a question is there a stroller that I can use with this car seat?

Dayanara Imhoff says:

one more question…should this car seat be installed in the middle or behind driver or passenger seat? i have a small suv

Gen De Guzman says:

I used this as soon as we got out of the hospital. Apparently, it took awhile coz the nurses are not familiar with this model. it was a new model then. They are more familiar with the travel system. They were trying to separate everything lol. I repeatedly told them this is different than what they’re used to. They were like, how are you gonna take her in and out of the car for doctors appointment, etc.. Maybe I should’ve gotten the travel system but we want something that we can use for a long time. The hospital allowed us to go home with this car seat even if they are not familiar with it. They checked youtube and google. They had to walk us out of the hospital, check if the car seat is all good in the car, etc… overall, I love this car seat. My little one is turning 1 next month.

Lissette Morales says:

does the straps stretch for chunkier babies??

Chanee007 says:

Is there a video showing how to install this and the newer Safety Surround model?

Karlyn Pritchard says:

WRONG! When converting to booster mode, the 5 point harness gets stored in the compartment behind the seat cover. NOT removed completely like the Nautilus! Get your information straight. This car seat, Graco 4Ever, is a cross between the Graco Nautilus/Argos, and the Graco SmartSeat, which have different storage instructions. Why waste time unthreading straps that can just be stored away now?!

rescue141x says:

Why the heck are there NO installation videos on Youtube for this carseat? Wtf?

shannon delao says:

Can I use the latch system while forward facing?  I prefer the latch over the seat belt but it doesn’t seem to reach.  Is there another position I should put the strap in?

Azmat Hossain says:

how do you adjust the belt by the babies legs , for the thigh area ?

E Jackson says:

Do you know if Graco allows you to use the interior latch from the right back door seat and the interior latch from the left back door seat to anchor seat in rear facing position in the center of the back seat? Or is the onlly way to position in the center back is with seat belt?

Ava loves Chocolate says:

My daughter can get out of the straps is there anything for this car seat I can use to correct that situation?

Ironokochan says:

How large is this from front to back at a newborn incline?

Sherita Dunlap says:

rear face till 2 per graco

Shawn Morse says:

Not very informative video. Thanks for wasting 8 minutes of my life.

Princess says:

lol I was 18 when I reached 120lbs that’s funny

SuperCN28 says:

Can the base be removed?

jlmajor says:

Is there a video on how to put back all the cloth pieces? Took mine off to wash and now it does not look right.

txprospector says:

How do you lengthen the shoulder straps? I need more slack but can’t figure out how to do it. This seat is too hard to figure out.

Pat says:

check out amazon open box for deals.

Violet Night Skyie says:

Can you only buy this online?

Eric Garcia says:

Hello, I just buy one allmost exacly like this, but I dont know how to install it in my car, can you help me?? Thanks!!

Christopher Hauff says:

Hi, we are struggling with adjusting the harness straps, can anyone provide details on how to do so? This has been the only especially with bulky winter coats, other than that we love this seat!

David Padilla says:

Would this fit comfortably in a sedan like a Honda or Camry? I would still like to fit an additional person (maybe two in a pinch) plus the car seat, if needed. Thanks!

Salimah Jones says:

Laurie has a good question.. I would like to know too.

sergio olivera says:


Lyssa W says:

any convertible car seats the fits into a stroller frame?

Amy Secker says:

We have this seat. My only complaint is that we can’t seem to use the head cushion because our baby is tall enough that the head cushion stem barely fits into the elastic and is constantly getting pulled out. It also pushes her head forward when it is in.

Britney Nicole says:

can it detach to take in store while newborn baby is in the car seat still?

Nancy Kelly says:

This video was a life saver thank you!!!

Laurie Navarrete says:

So what do I do when I have to go to doctors, grocery store, etc do I need to buy another car seat to bring in with me? How do u manage that challenge?

Gold Enchantment says:

But who is Hanna need a car seat at like 9 years old?

Jennifer Holets says:

My daughter is a petite 20 month old. She hates this car seat. It’s a battle to get her in. The waist strap seems to dig into her legs as it does not actually follow her waistline like her former britax car seat did. Has anyone else had this discomfort issue? I’ve had her in the #3 position. Should I try 1 or 2? I’m about to return the seat (only had it 2 weeks) but every review says this one is the best. Any help/advice is appreciated.

Elizabeth Lopez says:

just bought this seat for my 1 year old and looking forward to install¡ questions:
rear facing do you use both latch system and seat belt or one or the other? im assuming he will no longer need the insert right?

mommyofbluee says:

I’ve got two in my husband 2013 elantra both rear facing a 9 month old and a 3 1/2 year old. 18 and 30lbs we love ours.

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