Full review of the Diono Rainier convertible car seat and that it helps you with your decision of which car seat to choose! The Rainier Convertible Plus Booster from Diono is a convertible car seat that can be used as a rear-facing seat for infants, a forward-facing seat for toddlers, as well as a booster for a child up to 120 pounds. To purchase a Diono carseat on Amazon, you can click on the link below. They offer free returns which is AWESOME! Don’t forget to subscribe to our vlogging channel for more daily Canadian family friendly vlogs!
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lisashoegal says:

Elle, would you please consider an updated office tour?

Rachel Ewen says:

I looked at the Diono seat and decided it was too heavy for me to install. My sister however uses two in her car and loves them. We have the Clek high back booster and I love it. However it has a similar padding to the Diono you reviewed.

Marshadietcokea says:

We have the diono radian rxt in my husbands truck and we have to use the seat belt install because we couldn’t get a tight install with the latch. The latch system for some reason doesn’t work well. Couldn’t ever get it installed in my VW Tiguan either with the latch. But all in all it’s a great fit for our family

Muffin Stein says:

I don’t have kids, but I appreciate your honest review. Thanks for staying real 🙂

Michelle Lynn says:

We actually purchased, installed and used the Diono Radian Rxt for a day but did not like it. The main reason was that in order to adjust the shoulder strap height you had to completely rethread the harness, which was annoying for me.

We ended up getting a Graco 4Ever Extend2fit, which also does extended rear facing like the Diono. We’ve been using this one for a few months and love it!

Rebecca Szwaja says:

Love your honesty on all your reviews!

K Lamb says:

Elle great review! My son is currently 10 months and will be needing the next seat up. I am for sure getting the Britax!
Just a thought have you ever done a question and answer video. We send question via comments and social media and you answer. Would anyone else like that??

CMSmommy says:

We have an Evenflo platinum symphony DLX. It’s super comfy and the only car seat in the US that has been rollover tested so I know it’s super safe. It has an awesome LATCH system so it’s super easily
To get a right install. That said I really don’t like it! The straps twist and tangle, the harness is hard to tighten with baby in it. it’s so big I have trouble fitting my son into the car, I almost hit his head on the roof trying to get him in, and it’s so hard to get apart and put back together for cleaning.

gchanger3 says:

I’m not at all in the market for a car seat but seriously Elle that was really well done review!
So honest, fair and articulate.

Tarah Butler says:

Clek foonf. Is the best.

Oachkatzlschwoaf says:

You look beautiful. New eyebrows? Somethkng is different..

Linzy Emmons says:

We use and love the Chicco nextfit zip!

Katrina Gottwald says:

I have the Diono Radian. It definitely feels like a high quality car seat but I do have trouble getting it tight enough with the latch system. I have it installed using my car’s seatbelt and that seems to have a much more secure installation.

Danielle Parks says:

Also check because in your car cleaning video you used stuff on the shell of the car seat and that’s usually not permitted for most car seat company’s because it can do stuff to the shell also

Richelle Treloar says:

We’re a britax boulevard fam jam too!!! Expensive but so so worth the money! Thanks for the honest opinion Elle!

Matsu Robinson says:

I always really appreciate your honest, articulate and well thought out reviews! I really feel I can trust your opinions. Love you channel. I hope you having a great week. Xx

The Varied Mommy says:

We can’t do the Diono. I didn’t like it at all. We use Britax or the Chicco NextFit both of which are locked in tight and cushioned. I’m glad you reviewed it honestly because, hopefully, Diono will change the way they make these.

Tamara Ebel says:

What is the car seat you have for Ford and Cohen? I couldn’t understand you. I am in need of a good car seat and I love love love the look of the car seats you have for your boys.

CasaCabrera says:

Thank you for your honest review. We have the diono rxt and I am also 5 ft 9″ and I cannot, absolutely cannot get it as tight as I’d like. I’ve always felt somewhat unnerved by it but as it is technically “safe” I’ve never actually worried about it. I’m glad to hear that someone else breaks a sweat in trying to get said blasted seat in and tight haha! We will not be repurchasing a diono due to this issue. It’s just way to frustrating!

TheOrdinarygirl05 says:

The Britaix boulevard click tight…(((raising hands to heaven))) I LOVE IT!! Thighs fight EVERY SINGLE TIME and in EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE! I switch it easily between my van, my husband says truck, my parents van and their small sedan…fit in all of them and clicks tight every time.

FunnyFille says:

Did you bring the tightening belt inside the carseat? It’s hard to explain but there’s velcros where the child’s hips are and you can bring the tightening strap through it to get a good tight fit. After installing a few times I was able to get it super tight (as tight as my britax clicktight). I have a radian and a ranier that I bought because I had the intention to rear face my very tall children for longer. The one thing I really dislike about the dionos is that the limits are super overinflated; there’s no way you’re getting a 50lb child rear facing unless they’re ridiculously short. My 3 year old just outgrew the rear-facing limits and won’t last another year front facing because the headrest doesn’t go up high enough to accompdate the height limits they set. I really like the fact that they are super narrow because I can sit my kids side by side to give me more space in my small car. I like the radian’s fabric better than the ranier’s because it washes better. Great review!

Ashley Baker says:

We have the Graco extend-2-fit and I hate how hard it is to install! But overall I love the extended rear facing it provides.
Thanks for your honest review! I appreciate that about you! Can you do more car seat safety videos? Such an important topic and you are so knowledgeable on it 🙂

amylicious says:

Hi elle which car seat you recommend for a newborn? Do you know of a good carseat that you can use from newborn until their toddlers like those convertible ones?

Sarah-Lynn Kleisinger says:

I get anxious watching how much you are able to move that carseat when it’s installed!

Although I hear that carseat is great for airplane travel

mrslarissa24 says:

We were going to get this car seat for our kids because our car is really small, so I appreciate your honest review!

Bobbi Gass says:

We have the Graco Contender 65 and LOVE it! We actually bought a second one for our other car because it is so comfortable, provides a lot of protections and is a grow with me carseat.

Brianna Loree says:

We have three dionos, but our kids are 6 and 3, if I was purchasing a car seat now, I’m not sure I would get them again. They are bloody heavy!!! We purchased these mainly because they are approved for air travel and we frequently fly back to Ontario to see family. If I had to purchase again, I’d buy something else for use at home and forgo the car seats on the plane altogether, and have a cheaper set of seats left in Ontario for us to use as we are there.

edmee30043 says:

I have the diono rainier and love it. I have it installed in my honda crv and the the car seat DOES NOT MOVE AT ALL, what I found is that by undoing the velcro and pulling the strap through the inside that is the way to get it super tight, it says it on the manual. About feeling the metal, Im not sure what you mean because the bottom of mine came with a really thick memory foam which is absolutely comfortable all around and the entire carseat feels really comfortable for my 3 year old. Maybe the forgot to send the memory foam? The only thing I would say I dont like is that it is so upright that when my toddler falls asleep, his head tends to tilt to one side but that is about it. Im sure someone will be able to use it, glad you are donating it to someone else in need!

Clarey1225 says:

Good Morning, Good Morning, Elle!! I nanny 3 kids and my bosses had to get diono car seats(not necessarily this model)to be able to fit into my car. I haven’t had an issue with them since they were able to stay in my car. But recently the youngest who is still rear facing and just switched from a carrier car seat to the diono Has become a problem. So on the weekends I have to take the car seat out to be able to have front seat passengers in my car. All that to say is when I install it it does that 1″ plus moment. I’m always nervous if I’ve installed it correctly. As far as comfort non of the kids have complained about it.

Hopefully that all makes sense.

mariah nelson says:

We have this car seat and adore it! I had a really hard time getting it right at first too! I figured out though that the part of the tether that you have to pull on to tighten it can be pulled back through the car seat and when you get it at that angle it tightens like a breez! There is a little spot to each side of the seat to the left and right of wear their child’s hips are and you can loop the belt through there to pull it then tuck it back in to keep it neat. I’m not sure if this makes since but I hope it helps!

Eleonora Moen says:

Just quickly glancing at your thumbnail I thought you had cut your hair hahah but I thought it suited you so well! If you’re ever looking for a change I think that length would be absolutely gorgeous on you!

Inconceivable says:

I have the joie 360 spin – it’s so comfy for my baby and great gor my back too because I don’t have to get into weird positions to get him out.

Nnementh says:

We have the Peg Perego convertible car seat and we are loving it so far. Easy to install and our little guy loves it!

Martha Redpath says:

Hi Elle. I have noticed a difference in your vlogs since you changed the name from “The Lindquists” to “Elle Lindquist”. You seem more natural and in your element. Do you feel a difference? You are a natural born speaker. Just thought I’d share my perception/opinion. 🙂

NCRmama says:

I find it really interesting that you can’t get it tight enough, I wonder if it’s because of the leather seats? We have a hatchback compact car with cloth seats, and our Diono does not budge, not even a mm. Out of curiosity, did you try installing it in your other vehicle for comparison? Thanks for your review! My aunt, who’s a certified car seat installer, had once told me that we were lucky our son is slim and has a small/narrow build, as a stockier kid may not fit in the Diono. I never would have thought of that, especially as the child grows. A factor in our decision to buy it was the fact that it can be used as a convertible car seat right up to a booster and it has a high weight limit. I’m sure my son will outgrow the height limit way before he outgrows the weight limit.

The HainonRobertsons says:

Anyone in Britain looking for a car seat, I have the Joie 360 spin. It’s fantastic! Easy to install, super safe and spins 360 so you don’t have to break your back getting your babies in and out, it spins and clicks into forward or rear facing x

Kirsten Huculiak says:

Thanks for the honest review Elle! We were gifted a Maxi Cosi Jool which has the opposite padding problem, haha—it’s SUPER comfy, but it’s also massive and reclines so far back when in RF. I have been eyeing a Britax, they seem perfect for my needs, but wish it was easier to swap/return car seats. they’re such an investment! anyway, love that you’re donating this one, that’s going to be super helpful to someone in need!

susan Solomon says:

Elle, I’m a CPST and you hit everything on the nail. I think this is a great seat but everything you said is how I feel. I love installing a Britax. I love my Chicco. Check out my site childsafesolutions.net

cristinemont says:

I disagree with you, if it can’t be installed properly it is a bad carseat when you compare to similar priced seats.

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