Diono Convertible Car Seats 2018 | Radian RXT, Radian R100, Rainier

In this video, Eli gives you FIVE REASONS to consider a Diono Convertible Car Seat! These steel-framed seats are incredibly safe, but choosing one can get confusing. Eli breaks down the differences between the Diono Radian RXT, Radian R100, and Rainier 2018 seats.

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Comparing safety features is what we do best. If you’re on the hunt for a Convertible Car Seat (or infant car seat, or stroller…) give us a call at 617-383-8259 or email us at questions@mbeans.com. Gear Gurus who love to geek out are standing by.

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digeniusjb says:

Can you do a comparison video between uppababy vista and peg-perego team and compare the lengths and width of each stroller and the heights

Lexus Edith says:

Is there one that folds down smaller but is also rear facing? I sometimes take ubers/lyfts to the grocery store or to some other places if Im running late. I dont have a car but Im transitioning to a toddler seat for my daughter so its not convenient to take lyfts/uber with a huge toddler seat and then lug it around tge grocery store. Shes 1 and only 17lbs, not sure how tall she has a problem gaining weight so Im not really sure what to do. She needs to be rear facing still but I dont want to be carrying a huge carseat home on the days I decide to only go one way in a lyft and bus back. I dont want to have to carry around a huge convertable carseat like the chicco next fit even though thats what I was thinking of doing until I saw this…

Amanda Frederick says:

Does Diono make a cheaper option that’s just forward facing but still offers the narrow seat width? I need to fit 3 across, but would like to save a bit as I’ll have to be buying all 3 now. Chrysler apparently makes the most narrow row for 3 across.

InkwellFoto says:

Is there a car seat of 2018 video? Apparently babies grow fast and at 10 months my little girl is coming up to 25lbs and 3′ 6″. (We are tall parents)

Gabriella Bartolini says:

So I own 3 of the R100’s and love them
Exspecally for the 3 acrossed

I personally have never had an issue with install with them. But over the last year I keep getting criticized for recommending Diono’s on a car seat Facebook group.
The Car Seat technicians on the group say they are not recommended due to a kick out with the install.

So what’s your opinion on the kick out issue?

Kristen Kozik says:

I just read that Diono RXT have been recalled prior to 2017 purchases. I purchased 3 in 2016. Is that true??

Gabriella Bartolini says:

You never talked about the harness weight limits.
Or the hight limits

dalia guerra says:

Between the rxt and the R120 which one would u get for a 1 year old 2 year old and a 5 year old? In your opinion safety wise

Just Joy Things says:

People talk a lot about width of this carseat, but not a lot about the length. How much space does this seat take up back to front when reclined for rearfacing? I drive a Ford Fiesta and my main concern with finding a carseat that fits in my car is length, not width, because I want my front passanger to be comfortable, not squished up against the windshield. Will these carseatd fit in my car, or is there another seat that you recommend?

Mindy King says:

I’m trying to decide between the radian rXT and Rainer. Must have is to fit 3 wide in vehicle. Would both fit??

TheWord MadeFlesh says:

Do you have a website to an reliable source for diono car seat safety review in a crash test?

My Green Nest says:

Love your review!

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