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Ok so we know there may be some confusion on knowing the differences between the different convertible car seats that Britax offers. So in this video we’re gonna compare those differences and show you the different features and those safety benefits. Ok so the seats that we’re showing you today are the Marathon, the Boulevard, and the Advocate. Now overall they’re basically the same but they do have different features. They’re all gonna be a similar frame, they’re all gonna have Click Tight technology which means you’re gonna have that awesome easy installation. And it’s going to be the same execution on how you install this seat. They all also have Safe Cell technology but it’s executed a little bit differently in those features. But in all of them you are going to find your red honeycomb base, you’re gonna have your steel frame. YOu’re also going to have your hugs which keeps that buckle in place. And then you’re all going to have side impact protection. Also to mention, all of these are gonna come in little bit different colors but you can have you do have the option of adding the anti-rebound bar to any of these models. For more information, on those similar features you can reference our review on the Click Tight Boulevard and if you still have questions feel free to email us at or just give us a comment below. Now to start with the differences I’m gonna start here with the Marathon. The Marathon is the basic model of the convertible car seats. Like I said before all of them are going to have Side Impact Protection and this one is Side Impact Protection complete. And so you have your frame you have foam lining the inside of the seat and then you also have the protective head rest but this one is gonna be a soft foam. Now to upgrade into the Boulevard you’re gonna have Side Impact Protection Plus. So you still have that frame protecting at the sides but then you have a more sufficient head rest, and as you can see it’s going to move with the headrest but this is also going to have foam in it so this is just an added level of protection. Now going into the advocate you have Side Impact Protection Max. So as just like the Boulevard you’re going to have the frame, you’re gonna have the foam inside the headrest but you also have another layer of protection here. And now what that does is it protects against shrapnel as well as another layer of energy absorption in the event of a side impact crash. Ok now the next feature is actually in the hugs. So Hugs is this gray piece right here which keeps your chest buckle in place. Now on the Marathon you just have the basic hugs. Then once you go up into the Boulevard you have Hugs with Safe-Cell. And what that has is kind of like a honeycomb form on the back and that’s just gonna be another layer of dispersed energy in the event of a car accident. And the Advocate has the same, it’s going to have the Hugs with Safe-Cell. Ok now the last difference between these seats is the technology called Click N Safe and that’s gonna help you will installing your child in the 5 point harness. Now in the base model, to, when you tighten you’re just gonna pull and then you have to gauge if it’s tight enough, using the two finger rule, if it’s tight on two fingers at, right here at their collar bone. Then it’s tight enough you can also try your pinch test you shouldn’t be able to pinch any webbing vertically. And so that one you’re just gonna have to gauge on your own. Now the Boulevard and the Advocate both have Click N Safe Technology. And what that does after you install your child, you’re gonna pull it tight, and then you will an audible click when they are tight enough or when the harness is tight enough on their body.

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Ryan Burger says:

Do you think one of these could be used on a plane ride?

Elizabeth Palmer says:

I have read that the buckle strap is very short on these three models which causes the straps to sit in the wrong place or cut into the toddlers’ legs. Do you have an insight into that issue?

renee skoyles says:

Do they all come with a rebound bar?

Thae May says:

Where can I find a experiation date on advocate

The Baby Cubby says:

Watch our Britax Boulevard ClickTight Car Seat Review Here:

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