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Jeff Rice says:

Thanks for such a detailed and thorough review. This really helped us make our decision.

Fun Stuff says:

I think tethering needs clarified. When you tether rear facing, there is a black loop strap that should come with the carseat, it has like a square metal piece on one end. You move your front seat up, wrap that strap around the track of your seat (then you can move your seat back) and tether it to the floor. You do not tether to the forward facing tether on the back of the seat if your seat is rear facing. The whole point in tethering is to keep the seat from throwing the child seat face first into the car seat upon impact.
if you need a demo, look up tethering a car seat. there is a good demo under sunshine kids/diono radian 65 installation. Just wanting correct/safe information out there. 🙂


You published this 12 days after my son Kal-El was born. This video was incredibly fantastic. We just received this convertible today via FedEx & I was confused at first. Your level of attention to detail is fantastic for making reviews. God bless you and your family.

Kristen Simmonds says:

This was super helpful! Thanks!

Julie Hayes says:

I think this is a fantastic review! I just purchased the Advocate and I LOVE IT!!! One point I think needs to me made that I discovered while shopping for a new car seat is that the Latch System should only be used with a max weight of 65lbs when the child and car seat combined is combined. If you check out the National Traffic and Safety Commissions website, you can review their crash test findings.

moons913 says:

😮 sounds pricey but worth it . this will be one option when she turns 1

Monica Perez says:

I have a car that has the Latch System For Car Seat, will this work with that too? thanks!

iiiooo8989 says:

Bought an Advocate , huge mistake! ! Britax claims the seat could fit child up to 65 pounds. The reality is 40 pounds is alreay too tight if your kids wear winter cloth.

Shannon Doster says:

Question for you. I’m 5 months pregnant & looking for the best car seat out there… the only thing I wonder about this one is with a newborn, what do you do as far as the grocery store, running errands, etc.? It doesn’t look like this car seat has the carry option… so what do you do for a newborn?

Ana says:

I just purchased this. thank you so much for the review. i appreciate how detailed it was and the demo. ty ty!!!

Hannah Schaffer says:

The green is where you want the little ball to be if you are forward facing and the red is where you want the little ball to be if they are rear facing it says on the side… I know babies with this seat

KinleysWorld says:

Great review but I was cringing when you were actually installing the seat because you are NOT supposed to lock your seat belt when installing the click tight seats or it can break the click tight mechanism! I realize you may not have meant to do it but by pulling the seat belt all the way out, you did. Be careful!

Sarah Parker says:

Amazing review!! Wow!! Are you able to take the cover off and wash it? Does it wash easily? I read some negative reviews about it ripping or fraying after the first wash. Would love to hear your experience!

Remo Valenti says:

Can you go from a Britax b35 directly to a pinnacle ? Or I’m forced to buy the Advocate in between them ?

Melissa Middleton says:

Just came across your channel and this review as we are in the market for a convertible car seat for my son. I love your channel and your family is so sweet! I’m wondering if you still use and like this car seat? Thank you!!

Erica Kaye says:

Hi – I would love to hear your thoughts about the fit of the harness, particularly the chest clip. I recently transitioned my 10 month old from the infant Chicco to the Britax Advocate. I am used to how the Chicco harness is easily tightened, such that it is very snug at the chest clip. But with the Advocate, when I tighten the harness, it gets very tight at the shoulders (arguably too tight!) but the chest clip still seems pretty lose (like I can easily fit multiple fingers between my child’s chest and the harness). There doesn’t seem to be a way to get the chest clip any tighter. This is stressing me out, because it just doesn’t seem snug. But maybe this is the way it is supposed to be? Would appreciate any of your insights. Thanks in advance!

Ashley Carver says:

Can you tell me when the manufacturer sticker says it will expire please?
Great car seat review – from a car seat tech. 🙂

Pavit Anand says:

That seat does not have LATCH system. Those hooks are for anchoring.

Hannah Schaffer says:

You can only use the tether for forward facing.

Ana N. says:

Just bought this car seat too. Was about to buy the Maxi Cosi cause it’s so popular and baby loved it, but it has no steel. I couldn’t believe it.

Mercy Castro says:

Excellent review and demo! Very helpful. =)

Yuliya Surduchenko says:

Thank you so much for this review! I’m in the middle of looking for a car seat to purchase for my 6 month old and that was one of my choices!

Sarah's family says:

I love your review on this! You went into so much detail and covered every question I had. I actually ended up buying this carseat for my 16 month old because we hated his other car seat. Now he’s 19 months and we love this car seat. (:

Lucie Peoples says:

I loooove your reviews! I’m pretty sure I’m going to watch them all lol. You are very detailed and informative and it reduces the number of resources I have to find to research products I’m interested in. I would’ve love to see more of your reviews! 🙂

Akdiesel says:

there was a recall on clicktight seats. we have two of the marathon seats for our twins and they were both on the recall. check their website.

TheSilvaLining says:

Great, thorough review! Thank you! We bought the advocate g3 for my daughter 3 yrs ago and it is amazing how far these seats have advanced just in that timeframe. Love buying one seat to last “forever”. Definitely worth the money

Fun Stuff says:


babysnooks says:

Hello there! toward the end of your video, you talked about having too much tension in the belt and not being able to close the click tight panel. One issue I noticed is that you are pulling your seat belt out all the way and, as a consequence, locking the seat belt. This keeps the seat belt tight and will cause the issue you were referring to. The click tight system locks the seat belt for you, so you are not supposed to lock the belt by pulling it all the way out.

Having said that, some kids decide they want to play with the loose shoulder belt and that could be dangerous. britax has said that, if you want, you can lock the seat belt by pulling it all the way out AFTER you install with the click tight.

Thanks for the video! 🙂

Collin Braunel says:

Great job and your demo was very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to provide the information and feedback.

Khiabet Cuadra says:

wow awesome review..I’m in between this one and the Boulevard definitely liking this one alot..thanks

chrissa b says:

how do you wash it ?

Chasing Dreams says:

I was looking into this car seat today and you did a great review! thanks and hoping to see baby soon!

Daviddad says:

Excellent review!! I agree, other videos that show installation in seconds don’t really explain anything. One FYI for anyone not sure about the tether, it is not supposed to be used for rear facing seats. Even if your tether point is on the floor. Not sure if that was mentioned. Thanks for a great video. 🙂

Carey Eaves says:

i think you can buy a loop that attaches to the seat track of the front seat of your car that will allow you to tether the seat rear facing if it was not already included with the seat.

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