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Uppababy vista stroller in Loic: http://shopstyle.it/l/l6aW
Stroller organizer: http://shopstyle.it/l/l6bu
Snack tray: http://shopstyle.it/l/l6cH
Rumbleseat (second seat) http://shopstyle.it/l/l6bX
Bassinet stand: http://shopstyle.it/l/l6cb

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princesssadieloo says:

I couldn’t get passed the video, I can’t take the word,”literally” anymore.

lena king says:

Hi I’m Lena!!!!!! Your baby is adorable!!!!!!!! Add me on snap chat!!!!!!!! I’d love to maybe chat with you!!!! Lena_king66 is my snap chat name!!!!!!!!

Zanna Ambia says:

I love you so much

Pito Cachete says:

Hola soy mesones soy tu amiradora es que te quiero decir que veas algunos vídeos de puerto rico que y so un desastre vien prutal y poreso no te puedo ver mucho no hay ni caso agua ni casi comida pero el señor nos va a levantar

Natalie K says:

That’s is a cool stroller

Labaina Ali says:

& i think you would be good at advertising other products for company’s your good at it and explain quiet well xx

Shannon Johnson says:

Buying the second seat is damn near the price of buying a new stroller

Pito Cachete says:

Cuando puedas leelo

Daniela Garcia says:

I Love The Uppababy Vista Strollerr

The Jackson Hive says:

I LOVE my uppababy vista double stroller! the bottom is SO nice for storage

The Radar says:

i love your family your so cute amelie *my name is amelia

lina's Vlogs 11 says:


Pooja Jain says:

Why you don’t make vlogs of Luis birthday

London Yfe says:

I love you and Gigi&me

Jacky Gonzalez says:


Labaina Ali says:

Just wanted to say ur amazing im not a mum myself but your videos are so good this video I really enjoyed always stay blessed xxxxx

lisa santorelli says:

It’s a beautiful stroller, but at the price of $900 it’s made for upper class customers. Thanks for sharing Abby maybe when you reach a 100K you could have a giveaway and use that stroller. Love you.♡

Rafena Sears says:

Not a mom but I really enjoyed this video

Prativa Pun says:

Hi ,so cute!!!!

xana1987x says:

Great review thank you

Hailee kroner says:

I am new how old was your daughter in this video ?

Mike UK says:

Beautiful.! And stroller is nice to

Jhoana Chavez says:

Love the stroller I wanted one in the color Henry After I already had bought the Graco a yr ago I would still get it but the fact that I won’t be having anymore with 3boys the baby just turned 1!:) I don’t feel it would b worth for me to get it only if I knew about it sooner then I think it’s totally worth it! I would love for u to do a review on ur diaper bag Fawn Design please!

London Yfe says:

I have the same stuffed giraffe

Mommy Life says:

She is having another baby im so excited

Sami Samikhan says:

u are sooo cute u amelie tooo

Mary Ly says:

How much does the stroller weigh? What is the seat back height (from bottom of the seat to the top of the seat)? Seat width and depth would also be helpful. These measurements (especially the stroller weight and seat back height) are important information that consumers can truly use – it would be helpful to include them in future reviews.

Hannah Schaffer says:

What’s the song that plays while you unbox it?

anna lee says:

OMG this stroller is perfect my aunt is pregnant so this is perfect

Swati Choudhary says:

So sweet I just love all your videos.u r great mom…..

Georgia McMinn says:


david gianunzio says:

I love this stroler ever

Monet Tavarez says:

Only 30 seconds in the video and I heard vision board …subscribed ! lol

TheNewMom says:

Love it! I so wish I would’ve gotten the black seat and the leather detail. My cream one stains so easily! You will LOVE the bassinet! But my one pet peeve with this stroller is the straps, mine are always so loose even after I tighten them they unloosen so fast. Did you get the car seat too? I still use the car seat and when Kal is sleeping I just click it onto the stroller and don’t have to wake him up!

Dosage for dun s and I are. the best t54. says:

B and the world cup of them have you can sign

Rochelle says:

That really looks fancy, like gorgeous. I love how the bassinet, and the white top it just looks so old fashion but with an update, it’s freakin adorable.

Hunpecked says:

Thanks for the review. Grandson is on the way, and we’re looking at this as a present.

Mommy Life says:

I got a jogger i like it alot but i also love urs

Martinica A says:

We have the same color and we love our Uppababy VISTA too!!! 😉

Nicole Roy says:

Don’t buy cheap stroller. Totally waste of money. Because you’ll have to replace them.. Uppababy is the stroller you never have to replace. From single to double. And so easy to push it amazing. I have Jake with Dennison rumble set. I love to mix and match.

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