UPPABaby Cruz Stroller: https://tap.fit/rkOjASykE
Links to shown items below!

UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller: https://go.magik.ly/ml/ir1n/
UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat: https://go.magik.ly/ml/ir1u/
UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seat Base: https://go.magik.ly/ml/ir27/
UPPAbaby Bassinet: https://go.magik.ly/ml/ir25/


Kellie Stone says:

Does the toddler seat turn to face you on the stroller or is it only out facings?

Jewel Haines says:

Love the review!! Great video!! ❤

kim philpin says:

You always come across as a happy young lady..but i really feel being a Mum has brought out your true inner beauty..x

lisaisaleo says:

This looks so fancy!!!! Thanks for sharing but it’s not in my budget at all.

Cheryl Wilson says:

This is just a big ad. Not many of your viewers could afford this.

anngieeeexoxo says:

I bought the vista for our baby girl coming in February and love it so far. The Cruz is also so great! I was wondering what ever happened to the baby jogger you got in one of your online baby shower videos? Have you used that one at all?

naidelyn gonzalez says:

What Adapters do you use??

Alexandra Poe says:

channon ALL you do is comercials now! like walking top shop add

Madi Smith says:

You guys are just rude. She has been posting literally every single day since she had snow and even before that and you want to give her crap for posting a stroller review??…..that her job. Shes not forcing any of you to pull out your wallet and go get one. Shes giving a review. Chill out. Ok. Im done ranting.

Katie Smith says:

That sunshade is a fab idea!

Chopperdoll says:

What a great stroller. I would totally buy this for my dogs lol

Karly Russin says:

my husband and I are looking at this stroller right now. I would love an actual review.

Rebecca Hubbell says:

As someone who is buying things for my baby due in the early summer I think it’s foolish to spend the extra money on a stroller when their are many nice one that do similar things for half the price. What we have been doing is putting the extra money we would have spent on “luxury” items into a savings account for the baby one for when their older for school and one for a really nice family vacay once their old enough to remember.

Jessica Williams says:

I work at a baby store in Aus, this pram is great! I love the Vista too! $1899 over here in Aus for the vista and $990 for the cruz, they are awesome prams

beautyplayground says:

I’d rather have a normal vlog 🙁

Chanel Faye says:

I have the vista thankfully my sister bought t but so many people have it lol wish I got the bugaboo instead because I don’t see it as much lol

Cristina P says:

Kindda looks like my Graco EVO. I love mine also

ashley pena says:

I love you ❤️❤️❤️

Candy Bigwood says:

No one ever talks about the bassinet attachment so thank you for going over it. I’m expecting so this helped me decide. I do wish you went over the attachment accessories or how a diaper bag fits in the basket but maybe you don’t have those yet.

Josh Peterson says:

From previous videos I saw that Snow had the convertible stroller and car seat the Doona .I am just wondering if the uppababy is going to be your new preference or if y’all will switch off between your the 2 different car seats .

Reptilian Queen Michelle says:

There is no way in baby making hell I’m gonna be getting a 550$-1000$ carseat/bassinet/toddler seat set from anyone ever in life for my kids. I’d rather stick to my Walmart 120 sets cause it’s way more affordable than buying a thing that’s almost a grand just to have for about 4 years nope nope.

Bella Vita says:

AM I the only one who cuts all tags off, ha

Paola Rodriguez says:

I’m not a mom but i enjoy watching this kinda thing

giselle joseph says:


Heather Simpson says:

No one needs a $1000 stroller that you got for FREE.

520 cco says:

Love that you’re using the bassinet..so much safer for baby than walking them around in the carseat!

Don’t listen to the hate about the price, a good stroller will save you so much headache. Im so glad I spent good money n my stroller as well, you’ll use and abuse it for many years with snow and possibly future kids!

Val J says:

Graco products are much better and more affordable too.

shiloh goes says:

Y’all will pay $1000 on an iPhone but not on something for your baby lol please

Monica_ Zulkerine says:

We have 2 kiddos and bought the vista best best stroller ever! And I’ve had more affordable strollers but this is the best!

Bonnie Rogers says:

My Granddaughter needs this please send us one Cruz!!!!!!!

Natasha Adams says:

I’m a sucker who bought this stroller. It’s not worth the money. I’ve had it since July and have had the chassis and wheels replaced already. It’s a noisy stroller aswell. Squeeks and rattles. The only good thing is its pretty and the basket is a good size. Other then that, I wish I never bought it.

Yup Yup says:

Watches a ten min video about stroller.. dosnt even have baby

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