The Ickle bubba Stomp V2 travel system. Full review and assembly.

When we did this review we had not used the rain cover over the push chair so therefore did not know how impossible it is to cover the whole of the pushchair. We are going to upload a follow up review of the Ickle Bubba and how it has stood the test of use, which is not very well. for lots of videos on DIY and cooking
For a really cost effective all in one travel system for your baby this is the one to consider. A full review and assembly by my daughter Mandi .
A follow on video 3 months later with Mandi`s baby, showing the Ickle Babba in use take this link.
Wow!, I am a granddad.


mrscrobinson says:

Thanks so much for this, I also purchased mine through bounty, and it just arrived today. Can’t wait to get it setup!

Levels says:

Cool Video

Lubna N says:

hi there sorry to bother you but the raincover is not going on the pushchair. can you please suggest something?

Hayley Fitzpatrick says:

Hi, I am struggling with fitting the car seat onto the frame. It’s about 2 inches too narrow for the frame fitting, even with the adapters on. Anyone else having the same problem? The adapters seem to bend when I try to force it on but they look like they’re going to break! I can’t find anything where else on line that anyone has had this problem

Ricky Hemmings says:

I have this pram and watched this video befor I purchased it. Brillant help me to set up every stage of the pram great help thankyou

hollymarie says:

I bought this pram for my little boy the manual wasn’t to clearest, your video was extremely helpful, so thank you very much! 😀

Yogihoney29 says:

Very informative. I was able to grab the Bounty discount too so thank you!

Arnie the French Bulldog says:

Thank you for the brilliant video! Can you please confirm how you install the carseat into the car? Is it simply seat beat installation? Thanks,

Yassin Sey says:

After watching your review I am defo going ahead and purchasing the pram! I just wanted to ask was the mosquito net included because I can’t find anything about it online x

Emz Johnson says:

Great video, very detailed demonstration. It is only down to this vid that I was able to view the v2 properly, AND realise I can use bounty code to get it for a fab £299! So thanks, and good luck with motherhood x

hayleyjenny brown says:

Ordered one last night for my little boy when he arrives because of this video! Lovely review and wonderful explanation of the travel system. Thank you!

sadafkhan95 says:

Hi many thanx for a very very detailed review …I have bought it in Red! Cheers xx

mohammed khader says:

Hi there and thank you for putting the effort and time in making this brilliant video. I have just recently bought this pram and found a glitch which I’m wondering if it’s just a faulty piece or that’s just how it functions. The grey reclining button that’s attached to the seat from the back is quite stiff and difficult to move the seat up and down, it actually requires me to put all my strength in it to get it moving, my hubby’s thought on it is that it may be how it is and he has no problem pushing the button. did you experience the same with your pram or is it just how the button is to make the seat extra secure.
thank you in advance

Yassin Sey says:

Thank you!

Rachel Pugh says:

when you put the seat part on, there are two metal bits that hang down. What are they for? X

Tp88 says:

Hi just wondering if you could do a follow up to this? Barely any reviews so would be good to know what it’s like for everyday use? Thanks

dereton33 says:

Hi Rachel, we are having the same dilema!! They clearly link to some part of the frame to make the seat secure but we are struggling to see where ourselves!! Our grand daughter has only just reached an age where she will soon be able to use the seat so we have only just discovered that we do not know how to do this!!!  We will try and sort it out and upload a video when we do!! Jan and Al

Richard Davies says:

Great review, Mandi! You’re a natural!

Tom Moore says:

hey thanks for the review was looking at this pushchair but wanted to actually see it in use this helps loads thanks 

Divyesh Mistry says:

Great review of the pushchair +dereton33. Thanks. We have bought this in red with silver frame and it looks great.

MrsMehndilicious says:

Are they air tyres?

ZebulonPlanet says:

Hi, many thanks for this review. I have a question regarding the folding you show at 6:48: it does not seem to become that compact (compared to maxi cosi for instance), The handle bar stays quite high above the seat and wheels. Or was it just an impression from the way it was demonstrated? Thanks.

R Castaneda says:

Almost ready to buy this however I’m wondering if the handlebar parents use to push the pram is strong enough? I’ve seen one video where the reviewer said hers snapped?

Holly Bryce says:

Hi. We are almost ready to purchase this but have one or two questions. What car do you have? We have a ford focus so just making sure it will fit comfortably in the boot. Also does the seat have to be removed every time you fold the frame? Thanks for the fab review. Overall would you recommend this product having had it for this length of time? Thank you

Hannah Pearce says:

Great video! It’s persuaded me that THIS is the pram for me! I was just wondering if the car seat was Isofix base compatible? I’m not fussed but my gadget mad partner wants an Isofix! x

Colin Salter says:

Makes you wonder how we survived without all that gear lol!.

Diamond bliss bliss says:

Thank you so much for the explanation going to try mine.

Xiomara Ramirez says:

Hi , i fell in love with this stroller when i came upon your review …. Where did you purchase it ?

Britstar Gaming says:

Incredibly helpful for a first time dad lol but can I just ask for future strugglers if it’s possible to put time stamps in the description please 🙂 bit of constructive criticism

Ellie Riley says:

can anyone tell me the rough height/ measurements of the pushchair when it’s in pram mode with the carrycot?? I can’t find them anywhere online. I’m pretty short 5ft 4inch but some of the other prams I’ve looked at seem like baby lies quite low to the ground if you get what I mean.

Kehinde Ross says:

Well, just collapsed ours. That was the easy part. Getting it back up? There is a clip/hook on the right hand side of my version. Release the hook first, otherwise there is no chance of raising the frame back up.

Wesley Moreira says:

hi there, i managed to setup the belt, i have photos if you want to post it but basically the two metal meet at the back of the sit, pass it inside each other and pass the belt through one of then by the cut on the metal.

Catherine Buckland says:

Many thanks for great review! Im currently looking around for travel system and I think after watching this video I might go and buy it! Thanks again .

Kolsuma Begum says:

Can the stroller be folded with the seat unit in place?

MrBowie123 says:

The cosy toes, where does in fastened on the frame???  There is nowhere for the press stud to click into on the one I have.

Karine Hammoud says:

the adapters on the car seat did they come with the pram or did you order them separately? Also this might be a stupid question (FTM) LOL, but are the adapters a must or no? thank you

Adam Huskins says:

Hi me and my wife just looking at buying this, what is your thoughts on living with this few a few months? Also has there been any problems with any part of it.. Thanks.

charlotte beecroft says:

hi i’m just wondering where you bought the pram from ?

jo jo says:

Thank you, that was really helpful 🙂

Doodle Digits says:

haha brilliant. thought i might cringe watching myself Dad but it’s not too bad… if it helps other yummy mummys out there then brilliant, can’t rate this pram enough! x

Alex Buckland Photography says:

Fantastic review, thanks for posting, you have convinced me to buy this rather than the Surf 2!

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