Review of the G2 Orbit baby by Anahi Leal

My review on the G2 Orbit Baby.


Mia C says:

Hi Anahi.  Great review.  Very cute model!! I wanted to ask where did you get the socks that your baby was wearing in the video?  They are super cute. Thank you.

Farrah Hays says:

towards the end that is not the same carseat you too outta the van

ThePerfectScore4 says:

OMG that baby is soo cute! Perfect baby model!

NattieNat05 says:

there is no basket underneath to store a the baby bag or other stuff.. that’s the only thing I don’t like

jessica lynn says:

i am selling this orbit brand new in box carseat and douable strolller set m selling if anyone interested to buy 🙂


What a handsome! =) how many months was he here? Lol I’m thinking of buying this next month.

Adriana Kirk says:

I LOVE this stroller and im glad you did this review! Very helpful! Im going to get it for my baby!

ebandru nesku says:

how much $ for 1 hour with you?

Adrian Ronald Sehat says:

you put makeup on your baby?

Eduardo Antonio Quinonez says:

love it

Мирела Колева says:

+CandyAmor18 No. It is not safe for use without the base.
+LuciaTrejo The stroller seat is for babies older than 6 months and cannot be used as a car seat. Also, the car seat is for babies up to six months and can be used from 0 to 6 months and no longer.

Fiyori Belay says:

how much? can it be posted to UK?

Amber Stokes says:


Leslie N Raul Villarreal Jr. says:

When the baby naps can u adjust the back so he/she can lay straight?

Yolanda Dmz Valenzuela says:

Did you get the essential infant package? Cause it doesn’t say nothing about coming with the cup holder and the food tray thing.

Boston_Mama84 says:

great video but look at those cute little monster toes! ADORABLE

Megan Ringe says:

can you have the car seat forward

Boston_Mama84 says:

meant to also ask.. Due to the weight of the car seat, is it easy to lug in & out of the car?

Alberto Gomes says:

Thank you for the review.

Mana Bee says:

your baby is so cute!

Baks Bany says:

Коляска – супер 🙂 И мамочка тоже супер 🙂

Lucia Trejo says:

so the car seat is up to 3 years ?
but can you use it like a stroller at like maybe 5 years ?

Lucia Trejo says:

can i use the stroller seat as a car seat?

Cherie Alwell says:

Your baby is SOOOOOOO cute.

Candyamor18 says:

can you put the car seats with out the base ? I don’t always have a car and wanted to know if puting the seat and car seat belt is okay ?

Akahana Shannon Adhikari says:

thx. very helpful. and beautiful family.

Ramona Dota says:


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