Putting a Newborn in a Car Seat

Jessica and Baby Y demonstrate how to properly buckle a newborn baby into an infant car seat.

A few simple rules to remember:
– Straps should come from a slot BELOW the baby’s shoulders.
– Straps should be tightened enough that you can’t maintain a pinch in the strap at the collarbone.
– Make sure you buckle the harness at the crotch AND the chest clip.
– The chest clip should be positioned at the level of the baby’s armpits.
– Don’t put anything between the baby and the car seat that didn’t come with the car seat.
– Don’t put the baby in bulky clothing or wrap him in blankets before buckling him.

For more car seat information, see my blog at http://jessicaonbabies.blogspot.com,
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LWalsh0 says:

Thank you for this! I am all ready for my child (first) now.

MnT Dew Kids Prentice says:

the reason why he’s crying is BC he’s way to tighten

Milky & Manimal says:

New dad, thanks for the video!

Muhammed Rafeeque kunju says:

Hi, great video, could you please advice that can i use this for 6 month old baby, as you are a Pediatrician please advice is there is any problem to the baby to travel a long trip. Thanks in advance.

Damarea' Dillard says:

This newborn does wanted to be buckled and trapped.

Paulee Anna says:

As long as you have the kids on video, you might as well say their name instead of “baby Y”…sounds kind  of silly since we see them and you etc. No one is going to seek out “baby Y” just cuz we know his name…lol.  Just sayin’  🙂

Yasmin Downs says:


Damarea' Dillard says:

I can do it right.

Kayceemay Burton says:

No you can’t macsie it her baby you basterd

Danny Still says:

Great! Thanks Jessica

Tammy Newton says:


Amanda Cameron says:

Thank you so much! I shared your video! I loved the information you shared, the fact that you used your baby and not a doll, to show the audience how a REAL baby reacts and can be secured. I also LOVE the beautiful bonding you shared at the end! Keep it up, mama!

Damarea' Dillard says:

The car seat is installed!

Bryan Munoz says:

excelent thank you

Eva Thompson says:

Thank you

ibkristykat says:

I’m one to view many sources for anything I look up before just ‘doing it’…. and i must say — another video i watched (posted by a carseat expert & pediatrician — http://youtu.be/TDnVE6t-vbc) suggested to shove the chest clip down all the way, pull the straps at the hips first to take up slack, and pull that excess —- do it again (with the chest clip as far down to the crotch clip) and take up the excess… until it’s tight, … THEN adjust the chest slip accordingly and be sure of the excess with the pinch test at the shoulders — that way there’s no ‘hidden slack at the lap belt’ area that tends to happen.
You sort of did this, but my problem I’m finding by *practicing even with a doll* (lol – i’m ready to give birth any day now and just had my 40 week OB visit TODAY so Yes…. I am practicing lol) is that if you don’t do as i just explained above, the chest tightens… but NOT the lap belt portion … and the chest clip shoves up and chokes the /doll  and no matter how much i pull that strap to take up the excess….. it doesn’t tighten at the lap
not until I tried the technique i described above.

Addy franklin says:

i did this for my boo

Kayceemay Burton says:

ha ha ha

nubiedriver says:

Great video. Good explanation of how to put a baby into the Chicco Keyfit.


wow that baby is cute

Jesus Marinero says:

Great video thank you

Justin Eugene says:

I like your adititude.

hilary camarillo says:

Expecting my first baby in January 2018. Thanks so much!

Sheralee Ripikoi says:

3 and a half months pregnant with my first and last baby so want to do everything right. thank you i wouldn’t have known with out this video 🙁

Jessica On Babies says:

I just want to clarify the information about the handle position when in the car. Please check the manual specific to your seat. I just rechecked the manual for this seat, the Chicco KeyFit30, and it says the handle may be in ANY of the 3 locked positions when in the car.

http://www.chiccousa.com/Files/pdf/product-manuals/KeyFit-Instructions-08.pdf (page 19)

Dan Rogenstein says:

This video is FANTASTIC! Super-easy to follow and quickly & concisely gave me the info I desperately needed. Thank you!

Ship 758 says:

Is y his real name

Edward Benedict says:

Thank you for sharing, it was a great help, especially the tip about how tight the harness should be, and placement of the connector buckle/clip. Appreciate it.

Roshni Rai says:

Thank you

Melissa Oplinger says:

All good except part about the handle. When sitting on floor, it should be all the way back to floor to make it stable ( unless your point is to sit and rock him) . Should be back even with carseat top when installed in vehicle. The owner’s manual will show that.  Great video. Everyone should read their manuals and learn to use your seat before you put baby in it. 

koyamani says:

thank you very much

Kelly Collins says:

Handle on car seat should be upright locked in its position. This is design so if you were in an accident it has an anti roll and baby would remain safe.

Mania Tzanis says:

anyone know how to adjust the booster pillows in the belts? they came in a separate package and it seems impossible to do it.

Cutic Constantin says:

Nice clip, but the handle must touch the car seat ! is important

Macie Brough says:

Can I have your baby plz

tropical7012 says:

thank you! i am expecting my first baby in a couple of weeks and am very new to everything baby. your video has helped me feel more confident about installing her car seat ❤❤

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