Pink Joovy Travel System Review (By Anna)

Anna’s First Video Pink Joovy Travel System. Anna just had a birthday a few weeks ago as I’m sure everybody knows. She asked for this travel system for a entire year. I have heard about travel systems so much I can tell you everything about them in detail. We saved up and were able to buy her one. Expensive as it was it seems to be very awesome and tuff. Y’all telling Anna she needed to make her own video she practiced and practiced then she told me Daddy I’m ready to Make my video of my Pink Joovy travel system. Don’t say it wrong she will correct you in a hurry. She went out side and prepped a sight to shoot it and picked up every stick and rock them put a tarp down so her wheel wouldn’t get dirty. Now all we are hearing about is a reborn baby.

Can all you with kids around her age let them watch this it would mean a lot to Anna. Thanks


Deanna Bartos says:

Mr Uollla have o my cuz

BanDana Gramma says:

Great job, Anna Banana!

Maddy Anne says:

Where did you get the travel system

Dayanna Cruz says:

no se ve nada.?

Baby Hayes 07 says:

She is adorable

Lakendrick Anderson says:

you are to country you little girl sit down

Blossom Taco Msp says:

Ummmm Thats. A. Toy. Littlegirl

Zee Bee says:

Ummmmmm what’s with the beginning . That song no no

Emmas Reborns1 says:

i like how the lil girl talks

정은정 says:

What are u saying I can only hear that u saying cool

Lakendrick Anderson says:

your lame

mae mae says:

Your so cute so stop hating on her haters

jason 679 says:

watch it take her to the watch it take her to the park and bring her McDonald’s

Nicole Greer says:

is this tall enough (roughly) for a 14 year old who is 5’4″

Stephanie Jackson says:

i hate your cannel

Eyleen_Bam says:

Hello 🙂
I am 5feet 4inch big
Am i to big for the doll carriage?

Liay21 says:

Good review Anna! Sorry for all the hate you’re getting ❤️ Don’t listen to them

Raquel Chatfield says:


Angel Green says:

She is sooooo cute

Jade Loften says:

So what I think about her is that she does not take care for a baby very well because I have a blue Joovy stroller just like that one and I actually take care of my babies better than her

Tye Marty says:

I need this I have a baby alive 2 american girls and about to get a reborn doll and I want to take them all out

Daniel Mahoney says:

Your so annoying (your ascent)

Raegan Weber says:

i have that same baby and i put her in a coat and a hat and socks etc. and i went t caseys holding her the whole way and people thout she was real i as so happy because nonone was lik you to old to have a baby doll

Julia Burns says:

This is a great video.Don’t listen to the negative sweetie, you’re the cutest and your accent is adorable!

Bd Bl says:

Goforgreenliving are y’all Jewish because I heard something about Yewah or something in the beginning song intro thing

Karah And Skylar says:

This is really tool

spring trap says:

you are a little brass

Patti Shelton says:

Anna, you did a fantastic job showing us how to use the Pink Joovy Travel System.This is really COOL! Anna you are a very smart little girl and I really enjoyed this video. You go girl!

3 days 3 girls says:


Isla Mccarrison says:

I love that pram it is cute love the puppy I will give this 10 thumbs up

Charlie Wallace says:

Your Scottish

Emma Elizabeth says:

You showed me something new

Preslee Faith says:

She is so adorable and so country I love this girl it’s really cool girl keep it up

Lakendrick Anderson says:

you are to lttle i am 9 years old little babay

Bj Davis says:

goforgreenliving+ tell anna im praying and i love your channel i subed (i stood up for anna because someone said she’s has an annoying voice i said to “Nova leeder” leave her alone i bet you have a annoying voice and anna has a cute voice)

Emmas Reborns1 says:

shes really pretty to #thumbsup cause i love baby dolls to i love cats and also try to guess my age

Stephanie Jackson says:

l hate your cannel

Miranda Madrigal says:

Omg that stroller is so cute

Toy video says:

Fm,link ok,

Emmas Reborns1 says:

your welcome

Emma Elizabeth says:

I only have the stroller not the car seat but I’m asking for the car seat this year

Melissa Berry says:

I have no idea what your saying little girl

Skye Williams says:

noone is a fan of u

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