Mima Xari Stroller Review by Baby Gizmo

Hollie Schultz of Baby Gizmo (http://www.babygizmo.com) reviews the Mima Xari stroller.


Elena Cabrera says:

To be honest with you it is too modern for a baby. Babies need cute for example monkeys flowers etc. Babies do not care about what stroller they have as long as its comfortable. This is just to modern for a baby and the price it outrageous. Celebrities might use this but you are not a celebrity. pay for what you can afford not what the new hip thing is. BTW it is just my opinion.

Николь Бойко says:

а есть доставка в Израиль?

Christophe Consollint says:


Zarhanjo Barkie says:

can you use it for the car as well?

SiteSearcher says:

Large stroller selection on 


Allaine Abucay says:

is it me or does it mimic the affinity? lolz

konfetka471 says:

the most ugliest and unpractical stroller…

zoula says:

This stroller is beautifull but I’ ll never buy it: not enough funcional. Fashion doesn’t make it all.
I imagine too this White version in my muddy, slushy and snowy roads of Québec.
My favorite stroller is definitively the zapp xtra2, in black of course… don’t forget the Brown slush! Lol

Bebe Doux says:

doux bebe offer similar stroller

sue kim says:

This stroller is not practical nor efficient, it’s a joke. You need an assistant and a nanny to use this stroller. At 45lbs heavy, theres no storage, no cup holder, short canopy, no peek a boo window, no attachment for a possible 2nd (e.g skate board etc), its white, and to top it off it’s $1200! I can’t believe this actually made it out to market lol.

Tanya Klebanovych says:

Buy this in Europe and you pay 100- 700

Skylar Gross says:

My aunt has one but it’s caramel color

William Horne says:

I mean are you getting paid for this??? Maybe you should get a garden or something? You need a hobby… no really… a great hobby. I’d rather make my infant walk now than buy this. 

Brittany Deatherage says:

LoL, “super J-Lo”

Sweet Tips says:

Speak clearly… Please

Hana Kim says:

so cute!!! but too much expensive… 🙁

Alyssa B. says:

A white stroller. LOL

avmr81 says:

Hello do you know if I can get the white bassinet instead of black and I have also seen the canopy in white mixed with black is that new and where can I buy it ? thank you

Paul Wise says:

how i can get this

Mommy Reviews says:

That stroller looks so good.

Khaite Sall says:

bugaboo cameleon is the same price and even higher with all the accessories.. nice stroller

Jaden aden says:

Please don’t mention the words “bugaboo” in the comments. This stroller is deadly. It’s clean and fresh.You don’t need to pack 5million things into it. People are complaining the weight are the same people who over load their strollers up to 50 more pounds. And come on a peekaboo? Like you can’t turn it around and see the baby? This stroller is incredible for minimalist. Why do I need to pack a years worth of diapers into a stroller? I’m a father and this is for the big boys, yes it expensive because there’s so many sleek add ons. How many stroller do you know with Fur inside and look this sleek. And if you are complaining about it being white–than you are messy.

beni dytlow says:

You all complaining cheap People dont have enough $$ dont watch Bye.

wendy wendy says:

for anyone considering this stroller, i had one and it was great, but it is just too heavy for a stroller… now my daughter is 20 months old abt 1 yr and 8 months, the seat is kinda small for her… like she can slide down with the seat sometimes… i need to put her back in to a  proper sitting position…. i would recommend  bugaboo than this. 

Francesca Viard says:

hey what material is these stroller made out of i live in fl would this be appropriate or is it most likely for cold states it looks like it’s made out of leather

kidfamousclothingco says:

I would recommend this up to the average 12 months old after that its too small….other than that its a great stroller!

awake4eva says:

thanks for the great review. Love this travel system. European design and style at it’s best. The white is fab too 🙂 The Mima Kobi is worth checking out too….it converts to an in-line double. My baby is due in Oct and I think I’ll be going for the Kobi.

thetyks says:

do you have pliko mini to review ? or what is your thoughts on that stroller? thanks

parker bklyn says:

a must have. im sorry but if u want it get it! dont complain losers

Joyce Vormawor says:

Can you please do a review on hotmom pushchair stroller. Thanks

muhsin's mum says:

here in australia….that pram is worth $1600 and im shocked that u have to buy the inside seat coz they want u to “choose what colour u want”. i find that really ridiculous.

Shandia Thomas says:


La Patrona Gabriel Sanchez says:

I want this stroller so bad…im getting it.Can’t wait 😉

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