Honest Review & UN-boxing of Mothercare Journey Travel System

We will follow this up with a review after 6 months use and the assembly of the pushchair section.

I must add that dealing with Mothercare has been a pleasure and there customer service fro an online purchase is second to none.

I rate this travel system right now 10/10


Sarah Jane says:

Great video, Looking forward to the update 🙂

weird mommy says:

I’ve got the same pram in beige! So cute and people can never believe the price when I tell them! Good luck with your baby guys!

Shanice Taylor says:

the adaptors don’t stay on the car seat I have this plan the grey push clips on the side takes the car seat off and leaves adaptors on the part frame

Sammie Chappell says:

who disliked it be honest

Georgia Riley says:

Where can you buy raincover to fit this pram thankyou? Other than Mothercare 🙂

Ibra Ahmed says:

Thanks this is very helpful, I can’t find the other video for assembling the push chair ?

Steven Collins says:

Been using this pram for about 3 weeks now but not opted to use the carry cot yet, any ideas on stopping baby sliding to the bottom?

Kids Control TV KCTV says:

Sorry for the delay I am working on the much awaited follow up video this week. Hopefully published at the weekend fingers crossed.

Ryan Cupo says:

Thanks very useful video!

Justins life says:

Djsxbxiadj. Ejxwhsjsh…..WHAT OVER 200 VIEWS IN A WEEK…..(FAINT)..End of doodoo

Jojo Bad says:

Can someone tell me how to put the seat belt to place the car seat in the car? Took me 30 min and still not managed to understand how should be attached. Thanks

Justins life says:

So two weeks ago 1000 views now we’ve got 2000 views….(passes out)

Ellen Sutton says:

Thanks for the review guys! I’ve just purchased one today .. so glad I didn’t spend what I was going spend on the Icandy x

umar farooq says:

You deserve a medal mate. Excellent video and very easy to follow. Subscribed for life.

Justins life says:

No acctuaual way 1000 views ….

Sarah-Lo2219 M says:

Got this pram should be here next week, was great to see how it came like what size the box would be and how to assemble it, great wee video

Richard Rollinson says:

“It’s too heavy for me” – gets heavily pregnant lady to do lifting

xd lleytongent says:


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