Graco Modes Click Connect Stroller Review

I bought this stroller for our baby on the way! Here is what I love about it! 🙂

**This is NOT a sponsored video. I simply did this video, because I’m seriously in love with thiss stroller 🙂


Susana Garcia says:

how you folded in a smaller size, because I have one an use all the space in my trunk.

Arizona Lowe says:


kiwicush says:

The whole set at Toys “R” Us is $530

Stephanie Arteaga says:

Is this Diana model or Davis?

D says:

I was Looking at this stroller and then read a lot of issues on squeaky wheel issues that can’t be fixed. Have you had any problems with it? Are you still using it?

Doris Li says:

Which mode for this stroller? I really want to buy it, thx.

Gea Isplash Photography says:

Thanks so much for your review! I am planning to buy this exact stroller and they actually have the set with infant carseat all together at babiesrus. when i first saw i loved it but after watching your review I am more convince to buy it. Thank you so much!!! can’t wait to get it

kmila111 says:

Awesome review, love it, thank you!! 🙂

Vasilisa Solod says:

This is a great review, thank you

Justin Hannam says:

They have this exact stroller with matching car seat at its graco modes click connect davis

Valerie Jimenez says:

what design did you get? im looking for all BLACK

michael ludtke says:

Happy birthday to you

N Diehl says:

Thank you for posting this. I have this stroller and I LOVE it, although I never fold it down because I have a separate smaller stroller frame for using with my Evenflo infant seat. I couldn’t figure out how to open it though after I folded it for the first time when I finally did take it somewhere so thank you for showing that! DOH! Love it though, bought on Amazon and used their 15% off completion discount on my baby registry items. Best stroller I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few.

Bella W says:

How tall are you? I just ordered this and its not arrived yet, people have been saying the stroller bar is very tall… I’m 5’2 so i hope its not awkwardly tall…. and not adjustable lol. How has this stroller turned out for you?

Thomas P says:

What is the model #?

amyahoen1 says:

So glad you posted this video. My husband likes throwing away manuals that explain how to actually use the product. I had no idea this travel system did so much!

Daniela S Photography says:

Thats weird, I bought the same one but it came with a carseat to match…

gregory fowler says:

Nope. No lever on side. How does it open

Fernanda Cordero says:

What about suspenssion… Even it is not a jogger, i think they are too big… I am looking for a stroller with wheel suspension so I can use it comfortably at rought terrain… So I would like to know if it has suspension and how are the wheels… Thank you

Melissa Rowe says:

So glad I stumbled on this! I’m 14 weeks pregnant with my 2nd. My first is almost 5, so it’s been awhile. 😉 I was looking at a different Graco stroller but I think you’ve sold me on this. I really wanted something like this when my daughter was born, but they only had this kind of feature in certain brands, and they weren’t nearly as affordable. Thanks!

kerry o'keeffe says:

What website did you find that on

Heather O'Donnell says:

Love love love this travel system!

James Macalolot says:

Anyone have an idea what adapter i gonna buy for my tianrui stroller? and I have graco classic car seat so I can use it safely for my princess. Thank you

Thomas P says:

What is the model #?

Tran Nguyen says:

hi, i really love this color of yours…so u remember what is it called ? i cant seem find this color in 4wheelers..

Mylove glow says:

love it

Deanna Alisha says:

I’m having troubles opening this I was hoping you would show! But great review

Madison Ausley says:

I think the design itself is unattractive, idk why this is such a “trend” at the moment.. these ugly things are everywhere :p not only that but it gets very hot in the summer time where I live, I wouldn’t want my baby surrounded in all that black to attract more heat but that’s just me. I guess if you live somewhere where it’s cool yr round an all black stroller is alright… I DO like the bassinet feature though.. Just wish the style was more appealing. I went with the chicco Cortina keyfit 30 travel system and it’s fantastic, it’s also got a lot more storage.

SiteSearcher says:

Large stroller selection on 


Queen Poppy says:

that stroller is fantastic, i been wanting that stroller for a couple of months now. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and still haven’t been able to buy that stroller, poor people like me can’t afford it but that is certainly the stroller i’m dying for :/

Rebecca Heller says:

I am looking at purchasing this stroller but haven’t gotten a chance to get to the store yet to check it out. Does it have rubber wheels as opposed to plastic? 

Natasha Love says:

So will any infant car seat click on the stroller ?

Ahlam Haifa says:

So much noise in the background

Gloria Green says:

They have an all black click connect at target

Kristen Ramirez says:

I have the same stroller in blue and it really needs to be washed, but i can’t figure out how to get the material off to put in in the washer. Have you figured that out? Or does the material not come all the way off and it just has to be spot cleaned? Thank you!

Rosey Smith says:

congrats on the pregnancy where did your mom get the graco modes 4 in 1

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