Doona infant car seat stroller


Isabela Williams says:

it’s not a very good idea to keep the baby in that position for longer than two hours. it’s best to keep his back flat.

Queen Rosa says:

Yo I don’t live with my mom I live with my aunt and my godfather and my baby sister has a stroller

Frutsi Congelado says:


uhhh what says:

My Modes Click stroller has so many more options. This would only be good for a few months.

Audrey Feggins says:

Hello. U can send me some information abt baby s doona. Thanks u so much.

Boston_Mama84 says:

1 of the moms at my daughters school has this. She always raved about it about the convenience & simple versatility but it is very low to the ground & the handle does not go that high and seems more for shorter people. That mom was barely 5 feet & the handle was still too low for her. I really want to add this to my baby registry but I’m concerned for the height issue even though I’m just shy of 5’3″. Has anyone else had any height issues with this carriage, especially the handle being too low? thank you!

Marvin Enamorado says:

It’s really easier

Marisa2186 says:

I love my doona! My issues with it are that there is no storage compartment, it’s a bit heavy and the wheels do not roll out and slow and smooth as the video shows. They just pop right out which sometimes wakens the baby with a jolt.

William Ruiz says:


xboxshit_Destroyer Playstation Won says:

It’s great and all but to expensive….

Tiffanney Wallace says: cost is about $499.00

Giuliana Ayala says:

you run into some dog doodle at the park and see .

Kiev Nicole Plecerda says:

Magic stroller

Tabetha Sykes says:

I so need this!!

Kimberley Willis says:

how much does it cost

ada627 says:

That is so cool

Glenda Ulrich says:

Hi there is anything you I love am a little while ago but I don’t have any further other use than a the other intended solely recipient or you can could have to get to talk t

Robertina Salomé says:

No barking brake?

Ashley Fischer says:


a beecourt says:

Really bad driver lol

Marvin Enamorado says:

I have this one

Margertha McLean says:

I absolutely love this car seat stroller combo. Probably the best baby items that I have. The convenience is unbeatable, I drive a Prius and so putting a stroller in the back would be difficult, and take up most of the trunk space. I know people are complaining that it’s $500, however there are plenty of strollers on the market that are not collapsible in this way and are over $500. If you want the ease of convenience this is for you

Mayleen Colon says:

omg I love this car seat! it’s perfect for my silicone baby

Sivi says:

I LOVE MY DOONA! my baby is 5 weeks old now. I wasn’t sure i should get it cause it will probably be good for only few months to a year but we live in a city in an apartment with no elevator so it’s awesome to take down and just stroll the streets 🙂 very convenient! kinda sucks you need to take the bags/storage off when folding but I still love it 😉

Miriam Elvira says:

Where can I get this?

Shanae Patterson says:

where was this 5 years ago

Nola West says:

By the 1st few months, that thing would dirty as heck & probably broken too! But, cool as yum — heck! (keeping my mouth clean too!) >°•°<

Chris Moore says:

Wouldn’t want this in the car on a rainy day, dirt dripping off the wheels and all over the baby bag

Glenda Ulrich says:


mathew duncan says:

that is a nice car set

Cashie〈3 says:

It’s so low to the ground tho

Zaria Gamble says:

There’s no cup holders or storage basket & if there is, you’ll just have to keep taking it on & off. Plus this will only be good for 9-13 months, that’s when most babies stop using infant carseats. & it’s over priced.

Marvin Enamorado says:

For my baby

Jenna Freeman says:

I need this for my cousins they would love to be outside and be pushed around

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