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Cybex has given parents extra safety and convenience with the Cloud Q! In this video, Eli describes our favorite features of the Cybex Cloud Q:

Load leg: It’s an extra stabilization point to secure the car seat in the event of a crash.
Tensioning plate: This ensures installation and secures your LATCH connectors. Also, it’ll allow you to install a Cloud Q with just a seatbelt! This is convenient if you’d like to install it in the middle seat of a car where there is no LATCH compatibility.
LSP: Standing for Linear Side Protection, LSP prongs pop out and absorb energy for extra support in a side impact collision.
For convenience’s sake: While the Cloud Q is attached to a stroller you can recline your baby! Use this instead of a bassinet so your infant is as comfy as possible

The Cybex Cloud Q is available at for free shipping!

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Ida Eleff says:

Can the Cybex Cloud Q click into the Maxi Taxi as a Snap N’ Go?

Rachel Han says:

Hi, whats the difference between latches and iso fix?

Galina Sunny_Medical_Center says:

Hi Eli.We purchased Cloud Q yesterday,reclined it back and force in the store,when we got home it’s not working!!!Are we doing something wrong?!

Herdis Lauri says:

Can you but 2 Cybex Cloud Q car seats with recline on Bugaboo Donkey twin mode?

lipsinker34 says:

cloud q?? nuna pipa lite lx??? i’ve watched so many of your videos, there are so many choices ! apart from overall safety in case of accidents, my main concern is baby’s spine and posture. also easy of use to adjust seat and straps, and washable inserts in case of mishaps. what do you recommend ( it can be any other seat , not just these two) ?? i know the nuna pipa lite lx is the best for lightweight needs but my husband lifts weights so he can carry baby in the seat with or without the weight issue. also we are more of a home couple as we really rarely go out so we dont see baby making alot of rides out in the car as an infant. at most visits to grandparents houses are 15-30 mins away. it would be great to have a carseat that can be used to keep baby in on the visits instead of needing a bassinet though – so something she can spend several hours in without concern for her posture / spine.

Gabriel Frohlich says:

Hello Eli! Is This 2017 Cloud Q compatible with Mamas & Papas Urbo2? Thanks!

Lexus Edith says:

Hi can you please tell me if it will fit in the GB Pockit+ and/or the Qbit+? Also what are the height and weight limits?

Menna BW says:

Hi can you tell me if the the Cloud Q fits onto a Silver Cross Wayfarer? Or a Cosatto Wow?

V. Saicheua says:

The newer version of cloud Q, the Cloud Z is coming out. Could u please do the video on it please? Love all your videos, very informative, honest and passionate about what u do. ^_^

Alejandra Velasco says:

I’ve seen that the Cybex cloud q have problems with the recline feature… is it common or it will work better with use?

Tri Phan says:

What is the difference between the cloud q and the cloud q plus? – I’ve just pulled the trigger on the cybex priam from your store

Beauty MacGll says:

Is this car seat compatible with the Diono Quantum stroller like the Aton Q is?

Lathyra Ranger says:

Wow, I purchased this car seat, not from you guys, and I am so pleased with it. I do not like that this car seat is extremely heavy. It is 14lbs without the base. I’m only 5’3 and 120lbs so that’s too much for me. I’m on the slim side. However, after purchasing it, I’m now finding out that this car seat is not safe in the baby Jogger City Lux. I’m so darn pissed about that. Can you recommend another double stroller that is NOT too heavy or pricey!

Marcia Diaz says:

Hi! is the Cloud q compatible with the CYBEX Agis M-Air3 Stroller?

Dee Aquino says:

Okay so I purchased the cloud q and the silver cross wave double stroller (from ur employees recommendations and ur videos on here. ) , but I noticed my cloud q didn’t come with the stroller adapters like my last cybex infant car seat came with. And the silver cross wave didn’t have the adapters that fit but says it’s compatible

rastakim16333 says:

so i’m leaning towards to buy this tomorrow or the next it compatible with uppababy vista?…..but im really concerned bout the weight of thie carseat…..can u help me feel at ease that im buying a good carseat?

Henry Makansi says:

Very helpful. Appreciate you making the effort

Ula C says:

So is it possible to fit it to the car without isofix?

fernando lopez says:

What is the color specifics on that carseat?

gemablg NA says:

Hello, is this car seat compatible with stokke scoot. If yes, is the reclined position also supported? Thank you

Victoria Arnold says:

can we use this car seat without the base??

Giuseppe Galluccio says:

Hi, does the Cybex Aton 2 or Aton 4 convertible with the babyzen yoyo 0+??

Bosatskaya says:

Hi!!! I’m interested in uppababy vista 2017 and Cybex Cloud Q 2016/17 working together?

Beauty MacGll says:

Hi, love your informative videos!!! Does the Cloud Q Plus and the Aton Q Plus share the exact same base and stroller adapters?

Анастасия Чехова says:

Hi! Thanks for your reviews,super usefull! I couldn’t find the info anywhere – what’s the recommended time a baby can spend in this seat when it’s reclined? Is there a time limit?

carmilen villajin says:

What happened to the video of how the cloud q fits a city lux?

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