New vs. Old Bumbo Seat | Baby to Booster Seat

Hey everyone! I got the new bumbo seat and had and old one lying around so I thought I would compare the two for those of you who were interested in buying it or maybe didn’t know there was a new one!

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RobDeb L says:

the new one is so much better!!!

Evamarie Raboca Barlaan says:

Hi ! Thanks for posting this video! so helpful!
How old was your baby when you put him/her in the new bumbo?

TheDallol says:

Thank you. This is so helpful.

The Loki Life says:

I just got the old Bumbo for my baby shower, except it does have the harness seat belt. I can’t believe how much they’ve improved it and now I want it! Do you know if they are relatively the same price?

yasmine adams says:

Omg I really love the new one! I may need to pick it up.

Lynn Rickman says:

Thanks for going over the features of the new bumbo seat design!

Nikki Hitchcock says:

I thought the old bumbo was recalled like multiple times?

Stacey Loxley says:

Thank you this was so informative. Loved it.

Adrien Padovani says:

there two different bumbos. the first one she has is an older recalled bumboo seat!! which u can get straps for From the company for free to install. the 2nd is the bumboo multiseat! just saying. there’s still 2 different ones. n yes the multi is way better.

jenifer wendt says:

We use that for my nephew. It works spur great

Nicole Romero says:

Thanks for this!! My Granddaughter is 3 1/2 months old and already wanting to be upright all the time. My only question is, I had heard years ago that the bimbo was bad for the baby’s hips. Have you found that to be so?

Monique D says:

Thank you for your review!!!! Love this! I’m going to keep my eye out for the newer one. So glad I came across your video !!!!!!!

PeteBrittany Neufeld says:

Thank you so much!

Silvie Smiles says:

So impressed with the new one…kind of wish they had this one when my kids were smaller.

EverythingErica says:

Wow, I didn’t even know there was a new version of the bumbo! It looks amazing! Thinking I should sell my old one and get the new one whenever we (hopefully) have baby #2!

Isamar Jimenez says:

I was sooo close to buying the old bumbo!! I’m so glad I came across your video!! Thanks for posting!

kalina lee says:

Omg watching your video . I am totally buying the new one. For my daughter … I am searching some baby stuff for her lol

No name Mynamajeff says:

Is that bumbo gaming

kenki kay says:

Thank you for your detailed and practical video. I have made up my mind and will go for the new version one. Thank you very much xxx

Ignius dragnol says:

i got both now but i have to say i like the old one better. Its one sturdy piece. the new is one dropt (without the baby in it) and There is a crack in it:(

m young says:

I wish I knew about the new Bumbo before a made my registry. My son is just starting to use his. He just turned 4 months and his legs are already too chunky for them! The new Bumbo looks wider in the legs inserts.

Laz says:

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU…for mentioning just how many parents put their babies in these (both the old & new models) on tabletops, counter tops, right next to a sink or even worse…a stove top! 
Last summer I witnessed a mom putting her 4 week old INFANT in a bumbo, on top of a picnic table….ok, ready for this? 
You might wanna sit down for this! Less than 12 inches form a tabletop charcoal picnic GRILL! 
(BTW…I’m pretty sure there are also age requirements/restrictions on these too, at least on the older ones)
The ‘cliff notes’:
a couple of the older kids were playing near by, accidentally ran into the table, knocking the baby out of the bumbo and sent the baby flying onto the grill and INTO THE HOT CHARCOAL!!!!
NOT A PARENT, or ANY other adult for that matter, was watching the newborn or even close enough to the table, to have been able to break the baby’s fall.
It was gut wrenching!!!!
What’s even more ‘tragic’ about this was that it was PREVENTABLE!  
It’s SOOOOOOO very easy to use them safely & RESPONSIBLY…just READ, BUT THEN FOLLOW ALL of the safety guidelines! 
And NEVER leave a baby unattended in one of them….not even for a frick’n second!!!!
BTW…and FYI…they’re NOT INTENDED to be used for babies to ‘sleep’ in, or remain sleeping in, if they do accidentally doze off in one!

Happy Divaa says:

I just bought one today!

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